Yanko Design and KeyShot create the ultimate source of inspiration for industrial design

Called the Yanko Design x KeyShot Inspiration Hub, it’s the only place designers and creatives can find the most inspirational design work. At the same time, the Inspiration Hub will also take good designers to the top by helping them showcase their great design and rendering skills to a wider global audience.

The hub helps meet YD and KeyShot’s overall goal of remotely identifying and amplifying exemplary work without having to rely on an algorithm, unlike portfolio sites and social media. It draws on YD’s 20-year history of curating great ideas, concepts and case studies and combines it with KeyShot’s strong position as the design industry’s most powerful and preferred rendering software.

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Together, YD and KeyShot create an “ever-expanding encyclopedia” of design work for you to either participate in or be inspired by. Learn more about how you can participate by visiting the hub, and also get a trial of KeyShot 11 to see how it improves your work performance. Our jury will select some of the best work found online and share it with the rest of the world to inspire other designers, educate companies/recruiters/investors and advance the discussion of good design. The hub also awards a “Design of the week”, “Design of the month” and “Design of the year” to the best work, which they feature at the top of the hub’s page, giving it a permanent badge and entering it into the ‘Hall of Fame’ of the Inspiration Hub. Hall of Famers will also be featured on Yanko Design’s Instagram page and win exciting awards from KeyShot.

Unlike awards programs, the Inspiration Hub is free and, unlike Instagram, is not fully controlled by an algorithm. We recommend adding the Inspiration Hub to your weekly good design diet and encourage you to be part of this elite community made up of designers, for designers and by designers! In addition, the hub also serves as a one-stop destination to find inspiration for your work and personal skill development as a designer. Finding inspiration can be a bit of a challenge. You end up looking on Pinterest, on Behance, on Yanko Design, maybe you’re browsing Instagram, you’re looking for a few hashtags, you’re finding saved bookmarks in the IG app or in your web browser, or you’re looking for links you’ve saved in your Notes app . There’s no great place to go for design inspiration, and that’s what the Yanko Design x KeyShot Inspiration Hub strives for.

The Inspiration Hub showcases great design projects in a way that’s easy to browse and share with your team members and design peers. The format helps you browse multiple designs and take a closer look at things that inspire you. Bookmark, share, or study to improve your own skills. The Inspiration Hub helps get those creative juices flowing.

The hub will continue to evolve and expand over time, with inspirational and good design supported by YD’s curation. You can further filter the designs by searching by keyword, category, and designer name. What are you waiting for? Visit the Inspiration Hub to see what your colleagues are up to and share your work with the Hub to be part of the fastest growing community in the design industry!

Click here to check out the hub!

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