Xbox Series X tips and tricks

There’s no better feeling than booting up a new console and experiencing all the cool features and options available to you. On the other hand, some of the best parts of a console like the Xbox Series X aren’t automatically presented to you. You could just accept the system as it is and get used to it, but why ignore all the customization options and improvements you could enjoy with just a few tweaks?

We understand that navigating a console’s systems, especially if you’re new to the ecosystem, can feel backward and unintuitive to say the least. Rather than trying to dig through layers of menus yourself, we’ve compiled a list of the top tips and tricks you should know to get the most out of your new Xbox Series X console.

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Transfer your games and data

If you’ve been an Xbox gamer for a while before purchasing a Series X, the first thing you should do is transfer all your games and data. Not only is this handy for getting your new system up and running right away and even picking up older games right where you left off, but it basically allows you to get rid of the old console entirely. Since the Series X can run thousands of Xbox One generation games, there’s no need to keep them plugged in and taking up space after you’ve transferred all your data to the Series X.

To start the transfer process, both consoles must be set up at the same time and connected to the same internet connection. Once set up on your old console, follow the steps below: Settings > System > Backup and Transfer > Network Transfer > Allow Network Transfer. Next go to your Series X and follow the same steps as for the backup and transmission Menu where you should find the old console listed below Local Consoles. Now you can choose which data you want to take over and start the process by making a selection Copy.

Import or create your profile

If you’re migrating to the Series X from one of the older Xbox consoles, you already have a profile. You can use it to log in when you set up the system for the first time and automatically import all of your settings, friends, player scores and your digital library. This should make the Series X nearly identical to how it was set up on your last console. If you want to create a new profile or modify your existing one, see the options below Settings > General > Personalization > Profile > Customize my profile. Here you have the option to change your name, write your bio, set your theme and edit your avatar.

Meet people

On the X-Series, some social elements are enabled by default. You automatically share things like achievements with your friends, but you can effectively use your console as a full-fledged social media platform if you wish. After choosing your profile picture on the main dashboard, go to My Profile > Social tab. > Would you like to share something? Once you select this option, you can post images, write captions, or just write plain text posts like you would on any other social media.

If you want to see what your friends are posting, you can do that too. The easiest way is to find and select a friend from your friends list show complete profile. Here you can see everything they have posted on their own social space and you can compare the games you have at games Tab.

If you’re not feeling particularly social, knowing how to appear offline is also a good option. You can turn one on Show offline Mode by selecting and selecting your profile picture in the main menu View Connected > View Offline or do not disturb Show offline does exactly what it sounds like while do not disturb simply blocks all notifications outside of achievements and system notifications.

Get in the game

Home screen customization on Xbox Series X.

The Series X UI is a lot more customizable than you might expect. Your home screen can and should be changed to let you do what you want with as few button presses as possible. We might be getting on our feet here, but chances are if you’re going to be booting up your console most of the time, you’ll want to dive into a game as soon as possible. To make this process as easy as possible, you should start by adding games to yours At home Menu. To add a game, locate it either in your recent apps list or in the My games and applications Menu. Press the menu button on your controller while highlighting the game and select it Add to home page. That way, your games don’t get pushed out of the lineup of the latest applications and force you to search for them.

Another way to keep your games organized and accessible is to create groups. Think of these as folders that you create on a PC and where you can store anything and everything you want. To create one go to My games and applications > Groups > Create Group. Here. You can name this group anything you like and add games, applications, or both to them. You can create as many groups as you like, so organize to your heart’s content.

After all, when you bring everything together, you want your home screen to only show you what you want to see. First, highlight a part of the home screen that you want to change and press the menu key. Choose here Personalize > Customize Home Screen. Now you can delete, move, add, and otherwise customize your home screen to your liking. Apart from individual games and groups that you have created, you can also store your friends and clubs here.

Use the mobile app

For once, it’s worth trying the mobile app with the Series X. You can use them right away to stream your games from the console to your phone for remote play. After enabling remote play from the console, you’re just a tap away from playing any of your console games on your Android device (sorry Apple users). Just tap on the console icon and you will have the option to start Remote Play. Make sure to pair your controller with your phone for the best experience. To pair your controller with your phone, press the connect button on the controller and use the Bluetooth settings on your phone to find it.

The app is also great for saving time when you want to play a game on the go but haven’t downloaded it. Because storage is limited, you can’t download your entire collection and have it ready to go at all times, but when the app is connected you can tell your console to start downloading all the games you own – including any Games Pass if you Subscribe – while you’re on the go, so it’s ready for you when you come back. To do this, start typing in the mobile app Game tab and find the game you want to download. All you have to do is select the game and press Download Button. You can also see how much storage space you have on your console and the size of the game.


The digital assistant settings on the xbox series x.

Let’s be honest, sometimes text, icons or images are just too small. It could be because you have a small TV too far away, have poor eyesight, or the UI itself is just unreadably small. Whatever the reason, Xbox Series X has a solution. By going through Settings > Accessibility > Magnifier and review of magnifying glass, you can create a shortcut to zoom in anywhere on any screen. While you’re there, you can also check out the other features it has like a UI narrator, subtitles, speech to text, voice commands, and more.


While it’s great that Microsoft allows you to turn off the option to send your data, it’s a little unfortunate that it’s on by default. Turning it off isn’t too hard, but it’s easily buried in the menus. To limit what information you share, start with the headline Settings > General > Online Safety & Family > Privacy & Online Safety. Here. You can decide what personal information you send to whom, and you can also set up filters for the types of messages you receive.

In the same industry, just instead of picking privacy and online security, you will find them too Parental Control Menu. This is a great menu to explore if you have younger gamers accessing the console and want to make sure they aren’t accessing certain things.

Do a speed test

If things feel like they’re moving slowly or not at all, a speed test can help you troubleshoot the issue. Or you can just admire your strong connection. Anyhow, to see how your internet works on the Series X, start by going inside Settings > General > Network Settings > Test Network Connection. This will launch a speed test to help you determine if an issue is on Microsoft’s end or your personal connection.

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