With the compact indoor rower you have an effective and accessible workout at home


The ability to exercise at home has become a necessity for many people, especially those who do not have easy access to gyms or fitness equipment. In modern homes it’s difficult to find space for more than one or two home fitness machines, so it’s important to choose one that can pack the most efficient workout into a compact size. Rowing is an exercise that uses 85% of your muscles, and this portable rowing machine allows you to do both cardio and strength training at home without giving up space for a bulky and noisy metal monster.

Nine muscle groups are activated when rowing, resulting in an almost complete workout. ROWBRO also comes with a built in pull up bar and the handle can be used alone for resistance training. That means you only need one piece of equipment for almost all of your training needs.

Designers: Florian Kaufmann & Diego Kaufmann

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Typical rowers are large, menacing, and bulky machines that will permanently settle into your home. Depending on the type of resistance mechanism used, they can also be noisy. Ever heard the slosh of a water-resistance machine or the whirring of an air-resistance machine? Forget a quiet workout while your family or neighbors like to sleep in.

ROWBRO is an innovative solution that you can easily set up and store away every time you use it. You can wear it around the house to change your workout location for variety, or even take it to another house for a longer stay. And with its magnetic resistance mechanism, it’s virtually silent so you can sweat in peace without disturbing others.

The secret of ROWBRO is its sophisticated design, breaking away from the bulky frame. For stability, you will need a sturdy door to set up the pull-up bar that will serve as a mount for the machine. Alternatively, you can also purchase the wall mount add-on to place it against a wall when a door frame is not available. Once the ROWBRO is secured, attach the guide rail and unfold it on the floor and then place the rolling seat on top. When that’s all done, you can just sit down, put your feet on the machine, and get going to get fit.

ROWBRO also comes with a pull up bar so you can train your biceps and more.

ROWBRO was developed for rowing beginners and professionals – the rowing machine offers three resistance levels for optimal rowing control – low, medium and high.

Despite its seemingly simple design, the ROWBRO is a powerful machine that offers different levels of resistance for different people. There’s also a companion app you can install on any smartphone or tablet to measure and track your workouts, with a premium membership in the works that offers live instruction and fun games. You also don’t have to worry about the wheels ruining your ground as they are the same type of ground friendly wheels used on inline skates. They work best on hard floors, but also work well on any carpet that you could roll an office chair over.

At just $328 early bird, ROWBRO is a fraction of what other indoor rowing machines cost, giving you an efficient workout you can do at home without giving up your precious floor space forever.

Click Here to Buy Now: $328 $599 (45% discount). Hurry, only 6/56 left! Raised over $440,000.

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