Windows 11 will soon get these 5 useless features

Microsoft brings many new features to its latest Windows, Windows 11, and also recommends other version users to upgrade to it, but not all features are meant to help you.

The company is bringing a bunch of new features to Windows 11, and in this article we’re going to talk about which are the upcoming ones useless and advertising filled Features of Windows 11 from the list.

The upcoming ad-supported features of Windows 11

The upcoming ad-supported features of Windows 11

Microsoft isn’t bringing all of these features at once, and it’s currently unknown when all of these features will come to Windows as a stable update.

Highlights in the search field

Windows 11 highlights in search
The first is the upcoming search box and the second is a current search box

Microsoft has now changed its search box more than three times since the launch of Windows 11 and is still trying to make it happen look like the search box of Windows 10 where you can write directly.

But with that you see a new feature, Search Highlights, which shows highlights of the search on the box as small images.

Many points make this function useless like them covers the room of the search box and doesn’t show such useful highlights.

And his too Placement can be confusing the users because on the right side users pin their apps, and the majority of people pin important on the first which is the same size as the highlight icons.

Recommendation from To sue Filled windows Seek

Windows 11 will also soon notify you about using Windows search, which is now populated with To sue and Content promoting Bing.

And the company will make use of it Banner above the taskbarwhich was also initially used to advertise the Edge browser.

Showing search results now also showed random videos, games, and Microsoft reward points designed to showcase the web.

Recommended websites in the start menuThe company also plans to bring promotional-like website recommendations in the recommended section of the start menu, but you can also disable them.

However, Microsoft takes care of every possibility from their side to fill empty spaces with ads in Windows 11 and basically we would see more types of ads at this point.

Useless warnings for the account

Useless warnings for the accountSoon you will see warnings related to your Microsoft account, e.g. B. to register and complete your profile on the Profile section of the Start menuit may seem normal, but it’s also part of Microsoft’s ad-like prompts.

The prompts like setting up OneDrive, signing in with a Microsoft account, backing up files to OneDrive, or completing your profile are already present at the top of the Settings app.

But the company wants users to see it in a place that users visit from time to time, so it chooses the Start menu at the bottom. To make it appear critical as well, they added one orange point on them.

More Spotlight to Edge browsers

More Spotlight to Edge browsersMicrosoft wants you to forget the existence of any browser and not the Edge, and with that goal the company has introduced several prompts and other ways to trick Windows users into using Edge in certain places.

I’m not saying I hate the Edge browser or that it’s bad; It’s a rock solid browser with several exceptional features and not Chrome, but Microsoft goes so far as to introduce it to Windows 11 users.

How her new practice will suggest seeking for copied text in Edge browser whenever you copy text, and this practice will be coming out with a stable update soon.

All of these features were only spotted in the Insiders preview, so it’s imperative that we would see some changes in their final release.

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