Why Groningen is the coolest tech city you’ve never heard of

It’s no secret that the Netherlands is a European leader in the technology and startup sector. The country has attracted €1.8 billion in investment in 2021 alone, more than double the €790 million raised in 2020.

While many people think of Amsterdam as the country’s startup capital and a global tech powerhouse – and with success stories like Adyen, MessageBird and Mollie, they can’t go wrong – the lesser-known cities of the Netherlands are becoming favorites among expats looking to become ones Part of the country’s vibrant tech scene without the hustle and bustle of big city life.

Take Groningen. Known as the country’s ‘Capital of the North’, Groningen is a thousand-year-old city with a thriving student population thanks to its universities. This abundance of young, international talent, groundbreaking research and the presence of corporations such as IBM and Google make Groningen’s tech scene a scene worth seeing.

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For international talent looking to start their tech career abroad, Groningen could be the answer.

Small in size but big in possibilities

Groningen may not be big, but it is quickly becoming known for its startup scene.

The province of Groningen was just the second year in a row the fastest growing region of the Netherlands in terms of job growth, with around 1.2,000 local jobs created by local startups.

Margarita Bernal-Cabas, Operations Resource Manager at EV Biotech, a company developing microbial cell factories for industrial production, tells TNW that Groningen is an exciting place for its burgeoning biotech sector, which thanks to its proximity to universities and an abundance local professors, research and industry meetings.