What Does “NVM” Mean on Snapchat (All Meanings)

Snapchat is a house of acronyms and abbreviations. In the app, you can find young adults using unique short forms. Not only Snapchat, but abbreviations or acronyms are also becoming popular, including on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Facebook.

While there are no particular reasons for using acronyms on Snapchat or other similar platforms, teens and young adults use them to express their emotions. According to her, acronyms and abbreviations help them express themselves better without having to type.

Acronyms reduce the time it takes to convey a specific emotion. We’re talking about acronyms and abbreviations because a Snapchat user recently messaged us with the question What does “NVM” mean on Snapchat??

What does “NVM” mean on Snapchat?

If you’re reading this guide, be sure to look for that as well Importance of NVM on Snapchat. We will clear all your doubts about using NVM on Snapchat and other similar platforms.

NVM on Snapchat has two different meanings. The first is’No matter‘, and the second is ‘Not very much‘. Of course, the meaning of NVM changes depending on the context of the conversation.

NVM meaning on Snapchat

  • Doesn’t matter.
  • Not very much.

Aside from these two, NVM has other meanings, but they are less popular and rarely used in text-based apps and services.

NVM meanings explained with examples

Now that you know the NVM meanings, you might want to know how to use them. Below we have explained all the meanings of NVM along with examples. Let’s begin.

NVM means “don’t care”

Never mind is a term you may have come across on many popular text-based services. If someone sent you “NVM,” it could mean that the sender wants you to forget what they said earlier.

The acronym is also known on Instagram and is often used as Hashtag #NVM. While ‘Doesn’t matter’ fits well in a context where a sender wants the receiver to forget what was previously said, it fits in a few other statements as well.

A user often uses this to end a sentence. For example, ‘I wanted you to hear my fight story, but NVM‘. Below we have shared some more examples showing how to properly use NVM in a chat.

NVMI have already found it on the web.

Hey, I’m really sorry. NVM. I didn’t really mean it that way.

NVMI forgot my check was cashed a few days ago.

So NVM in chat is an error and the sender wants you to forget what was said before.

NVM means “not very much”

The “Not very much” is less popular and rarely used in chat. This meaning depends strictly on the context of the message.

Users can send you “NVM” if they want to say so ‘Not very much’. If you ask someone about the product price and get “NVM” as an answer, it could mean “Not very much”. Below we’ve shared some examples showing the use of “not very much” in chats.

Tim: Hey David, what’s your salary?

David: NVM (Not very much).

Here’s another one:

David: Hey Tim, how much weight have you lost?

Tim: NVM (Not very much).

So in the two examples above, NVM’s response doesn’t mean never mind, but not very much.

So this guide is about that What does NVM mean on Snapchat?. Now that you know the meaning of NVM, you can use it in any social networking or instant messaging app. If you find this article helpful, share it with your friends.

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