Uncommon’s new wellness brand wants you to help save on sex

Bad news: sex is dying. According to Uncommon, for the first time in history, humankind is having sex less than once a week on average due to exposure to porn, social media, dating apps and the hustle and bustle of modern life. But SEX BRAND is here to reverse this worrying trend.

Co-created by Uncommon, SEX BRAND is a new sexual wellness brand aiming to save sex with openness, confidence and enlightenment. Launched for Valentine’s Day, SEX BRAND is based on the idea that the more sex we have, the happier we become. “And the better our sex, the closer we get.”

Of all the categories an agency might tackle, sex is undoubtedly one of the most prevalent. So how did SEX BRAND approach it in a refreshing way? Simply. With bold messages, an unmissable name, clever color branding and a revolutionary product that serves both social good and personal pleasure.

Take the name itself. SEX BRAND clears up clichés and ambiguities and gets to the point. Appearing in major block capitals, SEX BRAND meets the sexual crisis facing the world in a conspicuous manner with appropriate urgency. The striking use of orange and black throughout the branding underlines the state of emergency and can also be read as a clever subversion of the coloring of a specific sex-oriented website. you know him

Then there are provocative slogans like “Your parents had more sex than you” that throw down the gauntlet to the audience. Nobody wants to be outclassed by their people in the bedroom, so the only solution is to get dressed and get down to business. And this is where the sustainable condoms from SEX BRAND made of regenerative rubber come into play.

Touted as Britain’s most sustainable prophylaxis, SEX BRAND’s launch product is the SECONDSKIN condom. Made from biomimetic lubricated rubber that is 34% thinner than a standard condom, the SECONDSKIN condom not only mimics the pleasure of real skin, but also benefits the planet and vulnerable communities.

That’s because these vegan subscription condoms are made from a pioneering and fully transparent sustainable rubber source that’s part of the Regenerative Rubber Initiative. And for every million condoms sold, SEX BRAND will donate an additional million to Uganda, which is under supply of sexual wellness products by 27%.

Uncommon explains: “Condom distribution remains uneven and unaffordable across the country, with wide variations outside of the urban environment. While teenage pregnancy and HIV prevalence are high, current condom use among teenage girls aged 15-19 is estimated at 44%. There is a high unmet need for contraception for all women of childbearing age, currently at 20.4%.”

Jack Gove, Founder of SEX BRAND said: “We see a huge gap in the market for a brand to step in and actually stand up for sex and pleasure in the last 12 months due to porn, digital distraction and a lot of other things. We want an impactful brand that encourages young people to feel positive and excited about sex again.”

Nils Leonard, Uncommon co-founder added: “Porn has never been so readily available, dating apps are actually pulling us apart, not together – we’ve literally lost the ability to talk to each other in bars – it’s crazy. SEX BRAND is here to help stop the death of sex and is also making a significant impact on the world. We founded Uncommon to create brands that people wish existed, and the goal is exactly that.”

Do you want to be part of the SEX BRAND revolution? Visit the website and get a 50% discount on your first shipment of SECONDSKIN condoms. And with more exciting products set to hit the market in the coming months, including hyaluronic lube and a vibrator aimed at bridging the orgasm gap, the future of sex looks bright. So what are you waiting for? Get down to business.

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