Transform your Apple Watch 8 into an Apple Watch Ultra with this nifty $13 snap-on cover

The perfect Halloween costume for your Apple Watch 7 or 8, the PZOZ Converter Case gives your $399 smartwatch a facelift so it can play a $799 Apple Watch Ultra.

If you’re like me you think the Apple Watch Ultra looks cool, but there’s no way on God’s rich earth you’re spending $800 on a watch. Luckily, this sneaky little lifehack got you fixed. Designed to snap straight onto your existing Apple Watch, this case fools people into thinking you own a Watch Ultra. It looks remarkably similar to the real deal, although the case is polycarbonate instead of titanium, your watch strap is unchanged, and the action button on the side is clearly just a dummy button. But it looks incredibly real!

Designer: PZOZ

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On a scale of one to impressive-Lifehack, the PZOZ Conversion Case scores remarkably high. Remember when Apple debuted the Dynamic Island and almost immediately started writing apps that turned pinhole cameras on Android phones into Dynamic Islands? The PZOZ Conversion Case is almost exactly like that. It’s incredibly sneaky, but you have to admit it’s a remarkable idea. The Conversion Case simply snaps onto the Watch 7 or Watch 8, not only giving it a very expensive facelift, but also protecting it from accidental bumps, scratches and scrapes.

Installing the case is simple enough that you can still wear the Apple Watch on your wrist. Simply peel off the blue protective film from the transparent front panel of the case and stick it onto the watch with a satisfying pressure. The kit also comes with the Watch Ultra crown cap that simply attaches directly to your existing crown with adhesive. A pretty big compromise with this is that you can no longer use the ECG function, which requires resting your thumb or forefinger on the watch’s original crown.

Once installed, you can also swap out the straps to complete the look, but for the most part, your conversion is absolutely complete. The cover features a flat display, just like the Ultra, which allows you to still use the watch’s touchscreen (you may find it difficult to reach the edges of the display), and most other details line up perfectly, including the house button and even the mic hole right between the button and crown. The speakers will be a bit obscured, so pay attention.

The PZOZ Conversion Case works with the Apple Watch Series 7 and Series 8 (45mm variant only). It sits right on top of your watch and ensures that all the sensors underneath are working as usual. The home button and crown also work as expected (except for the ECG function), and the action button on the side doesn’t do much beyond being a fidget toy for your fingers. Now if only someone had created the Wayfinder watch face to complete this epic transformation!

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