This smart headboard packs a treasure trove of features while also monitoring your sleep patterns for a deep sleep

As a convention, changing the headboard is a given tip to freshen up the look of a boring bedroom. Choose an upholstered headboard with a wingback design and you have a bedroom that stands out from modern interiors. While all headboards have the potential to improve room aesthetics, not all can help you sleep better.

With this in mind, a smart headboard called the Dream Head was designed to collect and analyze sleep information using built-in sound sensors to help you sleep better. The design of this headboard is influenced by the wingback form factor, but it curves much deeper at both ends. The result? the aesthetic resembles a three-seater sofa with armrests – to warmly surround those sleeping in the bed.

Designer: Yechan Lee

This enveloping dream head provides a sense of stability while sleeping and absorbs sleep information more comfortably than a flat headboard. The headboard may be an unobtrusive device for people who want to track their sleep pattern and improve its quality. It monitors the duration of different sleep stages and any interruptions or disturbances during the night. Compare it to the wearables available in the market, this method seems to be the most unobtrusive way of collecting your data, where the user sleeps freely but still has the opportunity to learn and update their sleeping habits.

The headboard is made of sound-absorbing materials that ideally monitor the sleeping environment by cleanly blocking outside noise to ensure that the data collected is correct. Despite its smart features and unique material construction, the headboard is designed to work with any bed, whether flat or adjustable.

Most importantly, the Dream Head comes with a wake-up guide light that will wake you up with more caution; Avoid waking up awkwardly with a loud alarm. The wake-up light syncs with the alarm app on your phone and starts flashing with gradually increasing intensity 15 minutes before the alarm goes off.

So the smart headboard also uses sleep data to personalize an alarm system that wakes the user at the optimal time. It allows users to check sleep information and results with a dedicated mobile app and also has a built-in speaker and light switch. The headboard, designed in blue, white and brown, can be wirelessly charged and mobile phones can be disinfected if desired!

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