This plant-based fabric collection is made from rapidly renewable sugar cane

Founded on the tenet that “great design goes deeper than aesthetics,” US-based company Carnegie Fabrics recently launched a collection of bio-based outdoor upholstery fabrics called Outdoor Biobased Xorel. The interesting thing about the Xorel fabric is that it was made from sugar cane! It is the world’s first plant-based high-performance textile. It claims to be the first commercial performance textile for indoor and outdoor use.

Designer: Carnegie Fabrics

Made from rapidly renewable sugar cane, the Outdoor Biobased Xorel textile collection is CO2 positive and consists of 90 percent bio-based materials. Because it’s derived from rapidly renewable sugar cane, it has a drastically smaller environmental footprint compared to other fossil-fuel derived products. “Sugarcane also has a lower carbon footprint than many other bio-based sources like beets or corn,” said Carnegie Fabrics.

The use and integration of sugar cane in the textile gives it durable and antibacterial properties. This makes the textiles super easy to clean and gives them resistance to fading and staining without the need for synthetic treatments. In addition to functionality and sustainability, the textiles also have a high aesthetic value. They are available in a collection of subtle and minimalistic geometric patterns and colors that are knitted, crocheted and woven.

The fabrics are ideal for outdoor applications such as seat covers, curtains, cushions and room dividers in the hospitality, healthcare, workplace, industrial and educational sectors. In today’s world, sustainability and eco-friendly choices are paramount, and we often choose mass-produced commercial products rather than niche eco-friendly ones. The Xorel collection is a wide range of fabrics designed with a purpose. It tries to be an eco-friendly solution that will help future generations. The textiles are versatile, tactile and hard-wearing, making them durable enough for outdoor use.

“It’s not enough to say our products are the best – independent third-party certifications, annual data reviews, audits and extensive laboratory testing show our products consistently exceed industry benchmarks,” said Carnegie. Xorel has received Cradle to Cradle Gold certification, the Declare label, and Living Product Challenge certification, and the Nexus, Dash, and Strie patterns are all USDA BioPreferred certified.

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