This modular kitchen appliance fulfills the roles of a scale, pressure cooker, saucepan and air fryer

This relatively compact device, aptly named Pronto, handles every part of the cooking process, from weighing to sautéing, slow cooking, simmering, reheating and even air frying, thanks to its modular companion, the Alto. With its small footprint and versatile design, the dynamic Pronto and Alto duo takes up a fraction of the countertop space, allowing you to prepare elaborate meals without all the messy dishes and scary clean-up. Pronto and Alto are designed to take the hassle out of cooking so you can focus on what matters most… the food!

Designer: Lars Junker & Mark Fung

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If ever there was a perfect time for a device like Pronto, it’s probably now. Modernization had two pretty undeniable side effects. The cities are more densely populated and apartments and kitchens have become smaller as a result. Additionally, services like Doordash have made ordering takeout easier and cooking at home more of a hassle than ever. Pronto tackles both of these issues quite elegantly, offering a device that’s compact enough to fit in most tiny kitchens, uses fewer dishes (hence cleaning up is easier) and takes the manual work out of cooking, meaning standing over it Stove takes and constant supervision while your food is cooking. Designed by the folks at CookingPal (the same guys who created Multo – the kitchen appliance that chop, cook and clean), the Pronto and Alto offer the same universal, effortless approach to cooking by being intelligent, all-purpose, meal-preparing devices. Prepare easier, faster and smarter.

BUILT-IN SCALE – Save time and reduce dirty dishes with Pronto’s built-in scale.

COOL-TO-TOUCH BOWL HANDLES – Your 6QT bowl, which holds enough food to support a family, features cool-to-touch handles to protect you from injury.

Looking like a modern, futuristic pressure cooker, Pronto has a compact, cylindrical design with a footprint of 12″ x 13″ and a vertical height of 12″. Open the lid and inside you have a ceramic-coated ILAG aluminum pot with a capacity of 5.8 liters, allowing you to prepare meals for up to 6 people in just one appliance. Key design highlights include: the built-in scale that allows you to efficiently control your portions, the built-in handles that allow you to go from cooking to serving without additional utensils, and the Pronto user interface with a 4.3-inch -Color display and a fairly large jog dial that allows you to control the device even with cooking gloves.

Much like its older brother Multo, which was designed to handle multiple cooking activities in one appliance, Pronto has an extensive repertoire, with the ability to pressure cook, slow cook, fry, steam, reheat and even more Niche activities such as fermenting and sterilizing. The built-in scale lets you portion ingredients, while a steamer basket lets you steam food. Do you want to cook under pressure? The lid closes like a normal pressure cooker and a whole range of safety features ensure that accidents do not occur. Pronto comes with an automatic pressure relief system with a vapor diffuser cap and sensors that prioritize user safety. Cool-to-touch handles on the lid also allow you to easily carry the pot from the kitchen to the dining table, eliminating the need for an additional utensil to serve food. Your Pronto even comes with its own bespoke steamer basket accessory that doubles as a strainer and a silicone spatula for stirring and serving to complete your entire kitchen setup while also perfectly matching and complementing the Pronto!

Using the Pronto feels incredibly intuitive for both novice and experienced cooks. The 4.3-inch front panel display gives you access to all of Pronto’s features and shows your cooking status, while the CookingPal app gives you access to a host of other features, including an ever-expanding recipe catalog designed with that in mind that it can be paired with your Pronto and take the complexity out of cooking. Recipes are simplified in the app with an auto-translate feature that converts the recipe into the language of your choice. Pronto even allows you to remotely monitor/control your device from anywhere (after you turn it on and start cooking) so you can check meal progress during a meeting right from your desk. Future updates to the app will also include virtual cooking classes, health goals, voice commands, and grocery list integrations.

Pronto’s biggest feature, however, is its modular sidekick Alto, which pops up right on top of it and turns it into an instant hot air fryer. Known as the dynamic duo (like Batman and Robin), Pronto and Alto team up to defeat every other cluttered kitchen gadget ever made. Alto sits right on top of Pronto’s 6 liter cooking bowl, giving it the power of an air fryer while allowing it to bake, roast and grill at the same time. A touchscreen display on top of your Alto lets you access its functions, and the same bowl you use for weighing and cooking suddenly turns into an air fryer, giving you one more function without having to buy a separate unit need to be kept. maintenance and washing up. The Alto accessory is modular without being restrictive and also works with other 6L pots by simply attaching to the top to turn them into makeshift air fryers too!

Pronto lives up to its name, helping to simplify and speed up the cooking process, helping you save space, time and energy while giving you the benefit of an effortless meal that’s more nutritious than takeout (and, since, carb-friendly too ). They don’t have it delivered to your home). The Pronto all-in-one kitchen appliance starts at $179 on Kickstarter, and the Alto accessory starts at $79. You can either buy them individually or get them as a “dynamic duo” for $239, with free shipping to the US, EU, and UK.

Click Here to Buy Now: $239 $398 (40% discount). Hurry, less than 24 hours left!

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