This graceful coffee table will make you want to wrap yourself in a comfortable blanket

Coffee tables often serve as centerpieces in a living room, providing a visual focal point for anyone entering that space. In fact, it can sometimes serve as a table to set down coffee or tea cups, and it’s also a place for homeowners to display their favorite books, magazines, or other reading materials, whether they actually read them or not. For this reason, coffee tables are designed to be eye-catching, or at least visually appealing, to enchant guests without being overbearing. This design concept for such a table draws attention to itself, but also arouses a feeling of cosiness and warmth that almost makes you want to snuggle up next to a good book and a hot cup of cocoa.

Designer: Deniz Aktay

The “standard” design of coffee tables comes in rectangular or round shapes, the former for space efficiency while the latter aims for visual impact. From these two shapes, designers try to create interesting shapes and combinations that serve to attract attention without compromising the functionality of the table. We’ve seen quite a few designs in this regard, ranging from super-minimalist metal furniture to stunningly ornate sculptural works of art.

The Cocoon is a design that encompasses all of these elements in a fairly simple way. At its core it is just a flat plane of wood with two opposing edges raised and bent to almost meet, creating a raised surface that acts as a table top. The gap between these two edges becomes a rather unique slot for displaying part of a book, while the space underneath can be used as storage for small items or other reading material.

The shape of the coffee table is impressive in itself, but the images and emotions it evokes are just as appealing. The word “cocoon” often evokes the feeling of having a cozy home or a blanket around you to offer comfort. Some people love this arrangement when they’re relaxing and reading books, so the imagery is pretty apt. Alternatively, the design could also be reminiscent of burritos.

Given that this design has to bend wood at a fairly large radius, it might be difficult to pull through in practice. The coffee table also takes up more floor space than typical tables, although you can always use the open area inside to hide things you couldn’t otherwise. Whether it’s a practical design meant to translate into a real product, it’s undoubtedly a beautiful one that creates a remarkable presence in a space without being overbearing.

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