This beautiful MagSafe collection offers a sustainable way to charge your devices

Some might see Apple’s new MagSafe technology for iPhones and Apple Watches as a simple catch-up to the wireless charging technology that already exists, but it clearly does a lot more than what its industry competitors have previously achieved. The smart addition of magnets is no small feat, as it allowed for many different forms of wireless chargers that no longer required devices to lie horizontally flat on a desk or charging bed. That kind of freedom and flexibility gave way to quite interesting designs, some minimal, some multifunctional. It also gave manufacturers a little more leeway in terms of materials, which this new collection of MagSafe chargers uses to offer accessories that are not only beautiful, but also less harmful to the environment.

Designer: Magdalena Gembala (oak wood)

Apple’s first-party MagSafe chargers are already extremely minimal, consisting of just a small puck that magnetically snaps onto an iPhone or Apple Watch. While this offered more flexibility of use, the designs weren’t entirely elegant. Luckily, it’s also possible to actually use these official chargers in ways that Apple doesn’t, e.g. B. by inserting them into bases and mounts that add a little more functionality and style to the charger.

This Oakywood MagSafe collection does just that, using the Apple MagSafe chargers to provide the actual charging functionality of these beautifully designed products. What they offer instead are solid and multifunctional bases that not only hold your iPhone or Apple Watch in place, but also add some life to your desk. With a mix of wood and matte aluminum materials, these stands and mounts will look great on any theme you could have for your desk and offer eye-catching ornamentation without being distracting.

This MagSafe accessory isn’t as trivial as it might seem. One actually mounts to an edge of a shelf, preferably on or near your desk, while another sticks to a wall. In all cases, the MagSafe charger they include can be removed and used as usual, just in case you’d rather not see the device’s screen but still want the beautiful presence of those wood and metal adornments.

This Oakywood collection is not only sustainable because of the materials used, although that definitely plays an important role. None of these accessories actually come with an Apple MagSafe charger, so you can and must use what you already have anyway. Not only does this mean that the stands and mounts themselves do not contain any non-sustainable components, it also helps prevent more e-waste in the long run. It’s definitely a win-win situation when you not only get a multifunctional MagSafe charging station, but also nice accessories that at least don’t contribute to the downfall of the planet by their mere existence.

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