Things people do in movies that real people never do

Does it sometimes annoy you when people do things in movies that you would never do in real life? Well, a while ago I wrote a post about unrealistic things people do in movies. The BuzzFeed community came up with even more examples in the comments where they didn’t really catch the ~human spirit~. Here are some of the best:


“When two characters walk away to talk privately, about three feet away from the group, and miraculously no one can hear them even though they’re talking super loud.”



“After sex, the L-shaped bed sheets that cover a woman’s breasts but only reach a man’s waist, fully revealing his perfect torso.”

– CJEU Scandell


“Girls who fall asleep with a full face of makeup and wake up with no harmful effects on their pillow or smeared makeup.”



“Someone gets a call and is asked to check ‘the news’ and turns to the exact news channel with no further prompts other than ‘the news.’ If it’s not a huge global catastrophe, what are the odds that all the news channels are covering the same story relevant to the plot at the same time?”



“No one NEVER says goodbye on the phone. They just hang up!! That’s impolite!!!”



“Twenty villains with machine guns can’t hit the hero who takes them down one by one with his pistol.”



“OMG, seriously…when people just turn over and go to sleep after sex. Or cuddle?! Like, this shit gets cold fast! Hahahaha. I don’t want to be the little spoon and have that on my back.”



“When they’re planning to meet up with someone they just met, but no phone numbers have been exchanged and no location or time has been set.”



“OMG when a character (especially male) gives up a career that their parents (actually, fathers) told them to do. Then afterwards they say: ‘I am not giving up my dream (father). — I give up yours.'”



“Just all the generic food and drink orders in movies. ‘I’ll have a coffee/a beer/a piece of cake.’ And of course it’s served within seconds.”



“I hate it when someone throws up, but their significant other is fine with kissing them. And yes, sometimes they throw up not because they’re sick, but because they’re hungover. Brush your teeth first!”



“Women never seem to have their periods in apocalyptic scenarios. For example, you never have to worry about finding tampons and such.”



“The killer, walking, always manages to catch up with the running victim. (I can’t even catch my running 5 year old daughter.)”



“When the hero has to fend off a horde of henchmen, they always attack one after the other as if waiting their turn to get kicked in the ass.”

– Snackasaurus Rex


“They never brush their teeth properly! I’ve never seen a realistic teeth brushing scene where the foam fills her mouth. They never rinse their mouths – just a quick spit and that’s it! I’ve never seen anyone brush their teeth like this in real life.”

— jennh4f77b06d5


“Humans never make mistakes when speaking. They never forget a word or just random noises come up instead of actual words.”



“Find a parking space instantly in a city like Chicago or New York.”

– RoKen


“Everyone just opens the door instead of asking who’s there first.”

– spookyshani


“If they’re drinking at a bar and the bartender is super cool leaving the bottle of liquor there so the customer can pour their own shots and drink the whole bottle.”



“You never have to go to the bathroom. Nobody ever says, ‘Wait — I have to pee before we go.'”



Finally, “People in movies always chew their pills and then swallow them. They never look at the label to see how many to take and they never carry water.”


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