The UFO-like pendant light hides an electrical outlet that turns any table into a work station

Lighting fixtures above dining tables are almost a necessity. After all, you need a lot of light to enjoy your food, especially with other people. However, these often long tables sometimes serve purposes other than eating, especially in recent years when people have been stuck at home with no convenient place to set up their office or school work. However, that can be a bit cumbersome if you need to connect some devices or tools and outlets are too far away. To adapt to the changing landscapes in homes, some furniture and appliances have started to take on multiple roles, like this circular pendant light that not only provides light but also power for your laptop and other electronics.

Designer: Studio Natural

This is one of those ideas that upon hearing it sounds so natural it almost makes you wonder why no one or few have ever done it before. After all, lamps are already connected to a power source, usually the same line as other devices. There are even socket accessories that screw into lamp sockets, turning those unused sockets into an additional power source for other devices.

The Avro pendant lamp takes this very concept and translates it into an attractive and practical way, transforming any table into a multifunctional piece of furniture depending on what is hanging from the lamp. Under normal circumstances, the lamp will simply hang by itself, providing light that can be dimmed or brightened depending on the activity beneath it. A softer light, for example, might set the mood perfectly for a relaxed dinner, but games and work might require something brighter.

Things take an interesting turn when you realize that there’s an electrical outlet just below the lamp’s diffuser. You can just plug in a laptop charger if that’s all you need, or maybe a nifty extension cord to share the power. Admittedly, it might look a bit odd with a cord dangling from a lamp, and the lamp itself needs to be at a height that you can easily reach while standing. However, it’s still a more convenient and accessible way to get power, at least compared to searching for a distant outlet or tripping over extension cords snaking across the floor.

The lamp itself is an attractive piece of decor to hang over your table. Although Avro is said to be named after an airplane, it looks more like a stereotypical UFO, especially with bright light emanating from its bottom. Its aluminum finish, available in bright orange, blue and white, also makes it look like a toy, like a spinning top that reflects light enough to also be a light source. However you look at it, it definitely brings a bit of life to a room and indirectly brings additional functionality to any table below.

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