The portable air purifier helps people with airborne allergies breathe 99.9% clean air

In the US alone, more than 50 million people suffer from airborne allergies. Respiray Wear A+ helps remove airborne allergens on a personal level by purifying the surrounding air and then pushing the clean air towards your nose and mouth. Manufactured by Respiray, a European company known for its work to improve air quality, the neck-worn air purifier uses a HEPA filter to purify the air of 99.9% of allergens. Developed as an alternative to allergy pills and other medications, the breakthrough product has been proven effective by the European Center for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF) and even by SGS, the world’s leading testing, inspection and certification company. Respiray Wear A+ cleans the air you breathe of airborne allergens and relieves common symptoms caused by airborne allergies, including sneezing, stuffy nose and watery eyes.

Designer: Anna Maria Rennel

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Respiray Wear A+ – Effectively reduces airborne allergen particles by 99.9% thanks to its user-replaceable HEPA filters.

Much like Dyson’s $950 air-purifying headphones, the Respiray Wear A+ purifies the air on a personal level, but at 1/10th the price. Available for early bird supporters on Indiegogo (until the end of February) for a discounted price of $89, the Respiray works to create a “wall” of fresh, clean air around your nose and mouth wherever you go , and helps remove the allergens that would otherwise enter your respiratory system and give you flare-ups. With an adjustable strap that allows you to wear the device around your neck, a quiet fan that won’t interrupt your speech or hearing, and a replaceable HEPA filter, the Respiray Wear A+ does a better job as a room air purifier by working anywhere . even outdoors (though not so much on windy days). And it’s better than a mask, which obscures your airway and creates a hot, humid zone around your nose and mouth.

How it works – The device draws in air and passes it through a highly efficient HEPA filter that removes all allergens in the air. The filtered air is then directed to your mouth and nose, creating an allergen-free zone around your face and ending your worries about indoor allergies.

FEATURES – Replaceable HEPA filter, adjustable strap, quiet fans and washable pre-filter.

The Respiray Wear A+ was designed for people suffering from airborne allergies, although its creation is a classic tale of the need to be the mother of invention. “This product grew out of my own personal battle with airborne allergies,” said Karl Annus, CEO of Respiray. “We optimized airflow and speed to create an allergen-free zone around users’ faces. The product is also lightweight (8.8 oz), easy to use, comfortable to wear, and most importantly, affordable. After over 2 years, 117 prototypes and extensive testing, we are proud to launch Respiray Wear A+.”

The device was presented at CES this year and is scheduled to be delivered to supporters as early as March 2023. Discreet, quiet and lightweight, the Respiray Wear A+ is perfect for a variety of scenarios, from pets to cleaning your home, staying outdoors near pollen or dealing with pollution. Every Respiray Wear A+ comes with a replaceable HEPA filter, a washable pre-filter and a battery that lasts 8 hours on a full charge.

Click Here to Buy Now: $89 $149 (40% discount). Hurry, only 4 left!

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