The portable air purifier allows you to enjoy life without worrying about airborne allergens

Although many people have only recently become more aware of the quality of the air they breathe, there are many who live with constant concern because of potential threats hanging in the air. Different people have different types of allergies, but one of the most common can be triggered by invisible particles that get into our noses and lungs. And while it’s relatively easier to control your home environment with air purifiers, while not entirely foolproof, stepping into public spaces is pretty much a leap of faith for someone with allergies. With this innovative air purifier that hangs discreetly around your neck, you no longer have to do without the finer things in life, so that you can enjoy fresh and clean air wherever you are, wherever you are.

Designer: Anna Maria Rennel

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Respiray Wear A+ – Effectively reduces airborne allergen particles by 99.9% thanks to its user-replaceable HEPA filters.

There are many ways to stave off airborne allergies these days. Some take medication either before or after exposure, but that’s never a viable or healthy long-term solution. Room air purifiers work, but you need to be close to the device for it to be really effective. In public spaces like cafes or shops, the options are even more limited, and while certain masks work, they also limit your ability to drink, eat and breathe freely. Respiray Wear A+ combines the best of both worlds, bringing the effectiveness of a room air purifier that still makes your smile shine.

The way it works is so simple that you would wonder why no one has taken advantage of it before. The curved device hangs slightly below the front of your neck, where it avoids your face and looks no more than a fashion-forward neckband. Inside, however, the device draws in air, forces it through a HEPA filter to remove harmful allergens from the air, and then expels the filtered air up towards your mouth and nose. This actually creates a “safe zone” around your face so you can breathe clean air without worrying about allergies. The device has been clinically tested and lab verified to filter out 99.9% of these allergens, promising worry-free breath every time.

There are a small number of wearable air purifiers that make much of the same promises, but the Respiray Wear A+ outshines them all with its convenience and style. You won’t look ridiculous if parts of your face or head are always covered, and it won’t hinder you from speaking, drinking, or even eating. Wear A+ gives you the freedom to enjoy life and smile, and let others witness that happiness on your face.

Wear A+ also eases your worries about its longevity and ease of use. A built-in rechargeable battery means you can safely use it anywhere, and replaceable HEPA filters that last 3 months ensure you can use it as often as possible for years to come. For just $74, you get Respiray Wear A+, two HEPA filters and a washable air filter, relieving you of the anxieties and fears of airborne allergens and giving you the freedom to enjoy with a bright smile for everyone to see.

Click Here to Buy Now: $74 $149 (50% discount). Hurry, only 9 left! The exclusive offer is for YD readers only.

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