“The Last of Us” Episode 5: What are Bloaters?

They crawl out of the heaving hole of doom, flanked by battalions of infected and armed with enough power to rip a man’s head off, The last of us‘ A villain’s festering shell officially entered the chat in episode 5.

Bloaters, one of the most difficult enemies to defeat in the Naughty Dog game, finally made an appearance on the HBO series on Friday after causing a stir with a trailer cameo for Episode 5. As feared as a clicker’s “awrk,” the slow-moving but impenetrable barrel that is a bloater featured in the battle sequence started by Kathleen’s (Melanie Lynskey’s) Kansas City militia. You could say it gave Perry (Jeffrey Pierce), Kathleen’s right-hand lieutenant, quite a headache.


How The Last of Us successfully brings the game’s best mechanics to TV

Bloating is one of the rarest and hardest forms of sufferers simply because they’ve been marinating in their own cordyceps juices for decades. be depicted in; characterized in The last of us(Opens in a new tab) And The Last of Us Part II(Opens in a new tab)Bloaters are almost impossible to take down because the fungus-like stuff has created some sort of armor around them, meaning unlucky people like Perry can shoot as much as they want and still not leave a dent.

The Bloater first seen in the trailer for Episode 5 of The Last of Us.
Photo credit: HBO/YouTube

In-game, Bloaters are fairly slow and sluggish when not charging at you, they enjoy casually throwing clouds of poisonous spores at you, and like clickers, use echolocation to find you since their faces have been taken over by Cordyceps. If you get grabbed by a bloater in-game, you’ll be beaten at best, no matter how thanklessly ripped apart at worst.

In the series, creators Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin show their utmost respect to this suppurating foe, raising the creature from the infected sinkhole with a throaty roar like a pissed-off Balrog ready to turn Gandalf from gray to white. The Bloater pulls off some solid WWE moves, using echolocation to identify his closest attacker, Perry uselessly firing his gun and initiating his game tactic of severing poor old Perry’s head from his body.

We learn earlier in the episode from Henry (Lamar Johnson) that FEDRA pushed the infected underground in Kansas City 15 years ago, believing the problem was solved. But as we saw at the end of Episode 4, Kathleen and Perry failed to tell the Resistance – after overthrowing FEDRA and taking over the quarantine zone – that there was something in the basement. Episode 5 showed us exactly what that something was, and it wasn’t pretty.

However, do we know one thing from the game? Despite this fiery introduction, bloaters are vulnerable to fire. Just something to keep in mind, Joel and Ellie.

The Last of Us will now continue HBO Max.(opens in a new tab) New episodes air every Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on HBO.

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