The ergonomic seat cushion is a doctor-designed lifeline for your lower back

Even before computers became an integral part of the workplace, most office workers had to sit in front of their desks for hours. While it is often advisable to stand from time to time, or even better to stand while working, in many offices this is not always possible. You can’t even choose an ergonomic chair to keep your back in a proper position and prevent long-term injuries to your body from poor posture. The least we could do is add more support to what we’re sitting on, but simple cushions just won’t cut it. That’s where the Lifted Lumbar Memory Foam Seat Cushion comes in, allowing you to adopt a correct yet comfortable posture when seated, reducing stress and protecting your health, even if you have to sit for hours to get work done.

Designer: dr Aaron Fu, DPT

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Our body is designed to adopt a natural position when standing, sitting or lying down. Prolonged deviations from this stress body parts, which eventually lead to injuries and other physiological conditions. In particular, our spine should assume a “neutral position” in perfect posture. Of course, very few people are able to maintain that perfect posture while sitting, especially when there are just too many factors causing us to contort. Ergonomic chairs can help, but if you don’t have a choice of seating, the Lifted Lumbar is your best bet.

Designed by a professional physical therapist with years of experience and research, this memory foam seat cushion puts your back in a neutral spinal position while feeling so comfortable you’d never have a reason to lean back. Unlike other support pillows that tout the same goals, Lifted Lumbar pays special attention to the little things that make or break this comfortable experience. For example, there are two trigger point buttons that apply gentle pressure to your back to provide extra relief, ironic as that may sound. The pillow also has the effect of “hugging” your body to allow better blood flow to your legs.

Lifted Lumbar is also made from the finest materials to give your body the quality experience it deserves and it’s not just the memory foam. Actually, it’s a bamboo charcoal infused memory foam that offers better cooling, kills germs and is also more sustainable. Non-slip silicone handles ensure the pillow stays in place and the adjustable straps are made of heavy-duty material for a very long life. Best of all, the cushion is designed to be easy to carry, so you can use it anywhere, even on an outdoor bench that doesn’t have a backrest.

It’s no wonder, then, that The Lifted Lumbar has raised almost $1,000,000 on its Kickstarter campaign, 1,000 times its funding goal. Considering that a single Lifted Lumbar is only $59 for the early bird price, many people put their trust in this doctor-designed pillow that not only protects their back but also gives them the best experience wherever they sit.

Click Here to Buy Now: $59 $129 (54% off) Hurry! Only 11 days left!

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