The biggest stars of the star-studded Super Bowl LVII commercial

  • The promotion of the Super Bowl is almost as famous as the game itself, and millions are guaranteed to tune in.
  • This game continued the tradition of including dozens of celebrities to make cameos in the ads.
  • Some of the early standouts include Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez, Serena Williams and more.

One of the main themes in the Super Bowl LVII commercials was the serious star power that brands were recruiting for the world-famous promotional parade, the Super Bowl.

Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin’ Donuts made early claims and surprised viewers with a Super Bowl commercial that briefly starred Ben Affleck as a Dunkin’ employee. He sparked questions last month when he was spotted filming at the donut shop.

Affleck, who uses an exaggerated Boston accent, seems to have trouble serving multiple customers until he’s surprised by his wife, movie star Jennifer Lopez, who pulls up at the drive-through and wonders what he’s actually doing at the coffee shop.

Michelob Ultra

The Michelob Ultra ad that was broadcast The first half featured one of the biggest ensembles of the night as tennis legend Serena Williams, “Succession” lead Brian Cox, Miami Heat star Jimmy Butler and several other athletes and entertainers performed in a “Caddyshack” parody.

The group recreated scenes from the 1980 comedy classic to the tune of Kenny Loggins’ “I’m Alright,” one of the songs that featured prominently in the film. The ad featured scenes from the film, all with Michelob Ultra added.

T Mobile

T-Mobile took a more low-key approach, recruiting movie star Bradley Cooper and his mother to educate viewers about the benefits of the wireless carrier. At least, that was the plan when Cooper was signed to the commercial, the ad says.

As Cooper and his mother, Gloria Campano, tried to read the lines to promote T-Mobile’s 5G network and the awards the company has won, both couldn’t finish without bursting into laughter. The commercial was a clever pivot — assuming the plan wasn’t to make the duo’s blooper persona into a commercial all the time.


Pepsi was one of the brands that aired several commercials, along with Netflix and Michelob Ultra (one in partnership), and also incorporated a hashtag encouraging viewers to join the trend started by actors Ben Stiller and Steve Martin became.

Stiller and Martin act in different scenes, explains that art the acting lies in making the audience believe that what they are seeing is real. Each ad ends with the comedian sipping a Pepsi and endorsing the taste of the new Pepsi Zero Sugar.

But the catch, when everyone turns to face the camera, is their praise for the drink genuine, or were they acting? They say there’s only one way to find out and encourage viewers to try for themselves when the hashtag #RealOrActing appears on screen.


Doritos has emerged as one of the most notable Super Bowl advertisers in recent years, and the chip brand has continued its run, calling on music star Jack Harlow for most of its triangle-themed advertising.

In the ad, Harlow decides to quit rapping to pursue his new passion: the triangle. Interest in the metallic instrument is piqued when he sees someone’s Dorito in a perfect triangle shape for inspiration.

The commercial is a montage of Harlow and his new triangle projects, from teaching the instrument to a triangle cologne, only to see him lose the Triangle Player of the Year award to music icon Elton John.

pop corner

In one of the many ads released in the days leading up to the Super Bowl, Popcorners adapted some scenes from hit drama Breaking Bad, with stars Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston appearing alongside Raymond Cruz, who played drug dealer Tuco Salamanca on the show.

The trio appear as their characters from the show, only Cranston is now the mad scientist behind a chip, conveniently packaged in a blue bag, instead of the blue methamphetamine the show is centered around.

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