Taylor Lautner is still not over Ye and TSwift’s VMA moment

Actor Taylor Lautner can’t let go of Kanye West’s infamous interaction with singer Taylor Swift at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, more than a decade after the fiasco shocked viewers.

Lautner sat down with his wife Taylor Dome — so many Taylors! — during Wednesday’s episode of The Squeeze podcast to reflect on his time in Hollywood, his body image and what he would change about his past.

“If you could go back to a moment in your life, what would that moment be and what would you say to yourself?” Dome asked her husband.

The answer? The 2009 VMAs.

On September 13, 2009, Lautner presented his then-girlfriend Swift with the award for Best Female Video. All was well until the rapper interrupted her speech.

“I’ll let you finish, but Beyoncé had one of the best videos ever,” said West, now walking past Ye while then-newcomer Swift withered onstage behind him.

As the interaction unfolded, Lautner stood behind the musicians, thinking it was all just a “practiced and rehearsed skit,” he said Wednesday.

“Why else would Kanye West jump on stage and interrupt Taylor Swift?” he asked. “It just didn’t make sense.”

It wasn’t until Swift turned and saw her face that he realized what had happened.

“I probably should have said something,” he said on the podcast. Lautner’s wife assured him that he made up for it on his Saturday Night Live opening monologue in December 2009.

The actor opened up about his SNL hosting debut with rumors about his relationship with Swift and revealed how he would have handled the VMAs debacle had he been given another chance. Showing off his flashy fighting skills, he decapitated a mannequin with West’s face and rescued another mannequin with Swift’s cup.

“Sorry Kanye, I didn’t mean to cut your head off,” he told the first mannequin.

Lautner and Swift ended their brief romance that same year.

West, who has been embroiled in several controversies over his anti-Semitic remarks in recent months, apologized to Swift days after the VMA incident.

“It was rude, period,” West said on the first episode of NBC’s The Jay Leno Show. “I’m not trying to justify it because I was wrong.”

He then apologized again a year later, accused the media of demonizing him, compared himself to the character Ron Burgundy, and called Swift “just a little girl with dreams like the rest of us.”

The incident at the 2009 VMAs marked the beginning of a strained relationship between the two artists. Since then, West and Swift have engaged in several public feuds, including the drama surrounding the rapper’s 2016 song “Famous” and its controversial music video.

“Being falsely labeled a liar when I was never told the full story or played any part of the song is character assassination,” Swift said in a statement to Famous. “I would very much like to be left out of this narrative, one I have never asked to be in since 2009.”

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