Supreme’s first fully free-floating skate bowl floats in its new Sunset Boulevard flagship

Top skate bowl at Sunset Boulevard

A large free-floating skate shell occupies the interior of Supreme’s new one flagship on Sunset Boulevard in LA, the former home of Tower Records’ West Coast Store. The fashion brand’s footprint greets visitors from the start with the visible, floating, wood-clad architecture of the skate bowl, which mirrors a growing nest of insects with its smoothly polished inverted pyramid shape.

The Supreme Bowl picks up design cues from the sides of its counterparts in other fashion brand chains, and fans of the brand’s cultural touchstone can test it out while shopping. While the hanging skate bowl designed by Steven Badgetts Simparch might seem oversized for the size of the store, Supreme’s 8,500 square foot space definitely has room for it.

The Skate Bowl touches on the art installations of new and long-time collaborators including Mark Gonzales, Nate Lowman, Josh Smith, Fuck This Life and Neckface. Time to lace up or skate, as Supreme Sunset Boulevard welcomes visitors to its big shop beginning February 16, 2023.

Images courtesy of Supreme

Supreme lands in Los Angeles

Highest Creative director Tremaine Emory teased the brand’s supporters on February 11 with a Supreme-designed helicopter flying near the Hollywood sign. The mystery has been revealed, and if you look up Supreme Sunset Boulevard, the levitating skate bowl isn’t the only attraction to enjoy.

The light-filled store flirts with the spacious interior, taking advantage of the expansive arena by placing merchandise in the corners and hanging skateboards on the walls, while making room for the sculpture at the heart of the space.

Top Sunset Boulevard
Supreme’s new Sunset Boulevard flagship is 8,500 square feet

A smiling go-kart racer sits motionless in the center of the store, driving his blue and red kart with a single profanity written in bold white letters. A mural of a kaleidoscopic Grim Reaper at sunset entertains visitors as they shop in his costume, according to Rainbow Party streamers.

If you go upstairs to see the free-floating skate bowl, one wall is covered with a collage of portraits of various cultural phenomena, forming the brand’s desired vision and moodboard that might resonate with visitors.

This translates very well to Supreme’s extended community, an assemblage of generations of artists, photographers, designers, musicians, filmmakers and writers who defied convention and contributed to the fashion label’s identity and attitude.

Top Sunset Boulevard
Supreme Sunset Boulevard welcomes visitors to its grand store beginning February 16, 2023.

Top Sunset Boulevard
Supreme has collaborated with Mark Gonzales, Nate Lowman, Josh Smith, Fuck This Life and Neckface on the art installations

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