Super Bowl tickets are still on sale — it’ll cost you $3,000

  • Super Bowl tickets are still available on game day — and prices are going down
  • A boarding ticket costs just under $3,000 on some sites
  • Ticket prices are lower this year than in 2022, according to VividSeats

Uncommitted fans can still find Super Bowl tickets just hours before the big game — and their procrastination can actually save them thousands.

One-day resale tickets for Super Bowl LVII were plentiful on the ticketing sites to see the game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs at 6:30 a.m. ET on Sunday. A seat in the Nosebleeds costs around $3,000, and seats in the lower tiers reach well over $6,000.

According to data from VividSeats, the median price for a ticket at State Farm Stadium fell from $9,100 on Jan. 23 to $5,500 on Friday. The starting price for the game has increased from nearly $5,000 to just over $3,000 in the same period.

Ticket prices seemed to follow that trend as kick-off loomed, with some fetching less than $3,000 as of Sunday morning.

Insider looked at a few last-minute Super Bowl ticket options and found some of the cheapest seats available. Here are the sites with the lowest entry costs.

VividSeats gets you in the game for less than $2,900

SB tix Vividseats

VividSeats tickets start at around $2,800


A ticket into section 452 of State Farm Stadium in Glendale was $2,830 before fees on VividSeats as of Sunday morning. The seats are up in the rafters and at an awkward angle – but they get you inside the building.

Seat Geek costs just under $3,000

Seat Geek SB tix

Super Bowl tickets on Seat Geek

Seat Geek/Screenshot

A Sunday morning Seat Geek ticket started at $2,978 before fees for a Section 448 seat. For about $150 more than the cost at VividSeats, you could find yourself facing the sidelines — but still pretty far away from happening.

StubHub breaks the $3,000 barrier

SB Tix StubHub

Super Bowl tickets on StubHub


The lowest Super Bowl ticket price before fees on StubHub on Sunday morning was $3,035. High up in Section 450, the view doesn’t seem much different than an entry-level VividSeats ticket.

Ticketmaster is the most likely to break the bank

Ticketmaster SB tix

Ticketmaster Super Bowl tickets

Ticket Master/Screenshot

A seat in Section 402 at Ticketmaster as of Sunday morning was $3,200, not counting additional fees. Like the VividSeats ticket, it’s perched high up and awkwardly on the corner of the field.

prices over the years

VividSeats SB Data

Super Bowl ticket data from VividSeats


Super Bowl ticket prices have fallen significantly over the past two years, according to VividSeats, but remain well above the cost of a ticket in the 2010s.

The average ticket price for Super Bowl LVII is $6,024, slightly below the 2022 price, according to VividSeats data. The average cost for the 2021 game – Tom Brady’s last Super Bowl – was nearly $9,500.

From 2013 to 2019, average ticket prices increased steadily from around $2,500 to just over $4,000 each year. A ticket for the game in 2020 costs just under $5,700.

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