Studio MEMM covers a tree house in Brazil with playful sun protection

“Tree House” by Studio MEMM, a multi-generation center

On a sloping land in Monte Verde, BrazilStudio MEMM has completed a tree house as a multi-generational house wooden Junction connected by a walkway. The project extends to 18 square meters ‘came about as a playful idea. In a moment of family expansion with new grandchildren and nephews, the client understood that the playful universe of the tree house could add to the experience of staying in Monte Verde, Minas Gerais,’ explains the practice.

Located near the main residence, the design consists of two volumes positioned between branches, emphasizing the sense of playfulness. The first and smaller module with 6 square meters serves as a reception area. In comparison, the second 12m² volume acts as the primary center of activity, initially relocated to accommodate torsion from trunks changing position as they gain height. Two walkways support these structures: the first and smaller walkway connects both modules, while the second, larger walkway gently regulates the terrain slope and connects the tree house to the main property boardwalk.

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“Before designing the project, it was necessary to select the tree and understand its context. The developer was already eyeing opportunities in an area near the lake on the site. Around it, programs such as a pool extension, patio, natural pool, and the new house would fence the perimeter of the body of water. Densely populated by numerous species of trees, the garden adds privacy and ambiance to any wetland program. In addition, a gentle, continuous slope extends across the land, so that the surroundings of the lake are arranged in gentle plateaux.shares the team of Studio MEMM.

Studio MEMM provides a two-volume treehouse in Brazil with a leaf-inspired sunshade

with glass, brise soleils and light for a deeper immersion

All facades of the “Tree House” are clad with glass panels, promoting a strong visual connection to the outside world. The panels are bordered by aluminum frames that attach the glass to the facades; Thanks to their dark graphite finish, these frames stand out against the wood texture, emphasizing the boundary between volume and emptiness. They also contribute to water drainage on rainy days and prevent puddles from accumulating in the lower parts of the frame and eventually damaging the wood.

Studio MEMM provides a two-volume treehouse in Brazil with a leaf-inspired sunshade
a two-volume structure connected by a walkway

Inspired by the geometries of the surrounding plane leaf structures, Studio MEMM clad the front of the two-volume shed with a CNC-milled brise soleil, industrially built from glued laminated timber. Installed from the inside, this architectural element ‘embraces the guest, creating the impression of a dome that contains this entire universe in interior spaces that encourage immersion and disconnection from the outside world, transporting the user to a sheltered space that allows them to feel unknowable enchantment,’ continues the team.

Studio MEMM provides a two-volume treehouse in Brazil with a leaf-inspired sunshade
the brise-soleils are reminiscent of the geometry of sycamore leaves

Last but not least, the lighting design of Futura Illuminacao highlights both the unique aesthetic and the sculptural branches that encase the “tree house” without undermining the charm of the nocturnal darkness. “The points of light placed on the ground floor show the trunks and treetops. The softly lit branches and leaves filter the dark sky above. Inside, lights on the floor illuminate the Brise Soleil from bottom to top, bringing light instead of shadows to the lower part of the geometries. The solution emphasizes the interior of the house from the outside and contributes to the revealing effect of the element at height,’ says Studio MEMM.

Studio MEMM provides a two-volume treehouse in Brazil with a leaf-inspired sunshade

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