snøhetta’s urban farm sprouts green bags in busy hong kong

Snøhetta introduces his urban farm in Hong Kong

Snohetta returns to Hong Kong with Urban farm design bringing green bags to the heart of the busy city.

The project was designed for The Pavilia Farm housing development in Tai Wai and consists of three clubhouses

encourage social interaction and create a meeting place where residents can share experiences, immerse themselves in tranquility and enjoy urban farming in a shared garden. This green lung in the middle of the densely populated city brings people closer together and closer to nature, inviting them to leave the urban environment that surrounds them for a while and indulge in the positive effects of agriculture.

“Pavilia Farm is a project that emphasizes the importance of creating new green neighborhoods. More people than ever live in cities – and this trend is likely to increase further in the future – so we need to build in a way that is sustainable – both environmentally and socially.” says Robert Greenwood, Partner and Managing Director of Snøhetta Asia. all images by ©New World Development

A sanctuary for interaction and tranquillity

Snøhetta celebrates the beautiful mountain scenery and Shing Mun River (see more here) designed three small buildings “to become sanctuaries of calm and simplicity in the heart of vibrant Hong Kong”. The aim of the project is to give the urban city a playful touch and to increase the quality of life of old and young residents. Two of the three clubhouses, named The Tea House and The Farm House, have just opened, while the last, named The Sky House, is expected to be completed by the end of 2023. Each of them serves different purposes for the local community, but they all share the same philosophy of bringing green pops to the urban future and creating memories.

“The Pavilia Farm and Clubhouses are small but perfect examples of how this can be done. At Snøhetta we talk about collective ownership and creating places and spaces that belong to the collective and can bring people together. Spaces that belong to no one and to everyone at the same time. With this project, the Tea House and The Farm House represent these ideas and create a green lung in the middle of vibrant Hong Kong. A space where all residents can find peace and quiet, but also where they can interact and connect with each other’, continues Robert Greenwood.

snøhetta's urban farm design sprouts green bags in busy hong kong

Three small bags

Planned as an ‘arrival point’, the teahouse invites guests to escape the fast-paced city and indulge in a tranquil journey. This ambition is emphasized by the element of water, which is the protagonist of the structure. An indoor pool on one side and a waterfall on the other reflect the continuous murmur of falling water, promoting a relaxing harmony that calms the mind and slows the pace.

In contrast to the meditative mood of the teahouse, the farmhouse takes shape as a meeting place, bringing the farm indoors and bringing visitors together. Surrounded by the urban farm and its produce, it becomes the heart of Pavilia Farm. The rail-bound table system invites the community to gather under one roof and linger around the same table. Inspired by a traditional dining table in a home, this table is “the focal point for conversation, laughter and time together”. Here, residents can prepare and eat their collected food while conversations flow and experiences are shared. This clubhouse creates a “close community through nourishment and harvest from nature.”

snøhetta's urban farm design sprouts green bags in busy hong kong
The houses create a sanctuary for rest and joy

snøhetta's urban farm design sprouts green bags in busy hong kong
The table is the heart of the farmhouse

snøhetta's urban farm design sprouts green bags in busy hong kong
People from different backgrounds share experiences and create memories

snøhetta's urban farm design sprouts green bags in busy hong kong

Project info:

Surname: The Pavilia farm

Architects: Snohetta | @snohetta

Location: Hong Kong

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December 22, 2022

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