Robot Vacuums On Sale At Woot: Save On Refurbished Robovac Models

In the market for a robot vacuum cleaner? Starting February 23rd, Woot has great deals on refurbished Roomba models(Opens in a new tab) that can help you keep your home nice and tidy. Shop soon – sale ends February 27th.

Robot vacuums can be a complete game-changer for anyone who feels overwhelmed by the constant task of keeping their home clean. These time-saving bots can learn your home’s floor plan, clean up after pets, and clean up your home on a schedule. You can even control it via app – it’s the robot version of set it and forget it.

While robot vacuums used to be considered a luxury, they have become much more affordable over the years. They’re now even more budget-friendly thanks to Woot, which offers a sale for refurbished Roombas(Opens in a new tab)the iconic iRobot brand name that you probably now associate with Robovacs.

During the sale, which runs until February 27th, you can choose from a variety of refurbished vacuum cleaners, all at a deep discount. Whether you need something heavy-duty to deep clean your floors or just something to vacuum up all those pet hairs in your carpet, there’s a Roomba for you. Depending on which vacuum you choose, you could save hundreds.

Be quick because some models are already sold out. Not sure which Roomba is right for you? Shop our selection below.

Overall the best choice

Why we like it

Priced at just $179, the iRobot Roomba i7+ (Refurbished)(Opens in a new tab) is the best of the best from Woot’s Sale. It is equipped with two multi-surface brushes and an auto-adjustable cleaning head that can pick up dirt, dust and debris with the best. It also comes with a self-draining dust bin that doubles as a charging station, and a smart map feature that lets you get to know your home as well as you do in just a few passes. It can even be programmed to clean certain rooms and skip others, a feature not many other competitors have. It’s smart enough to figure out where it is in your home relative to other rooms, making it an even more impressive little cleaner.

Best Budget Roomba

Why we like it

The iRobot Roomba i4 (Refurbished)(Opens in a new tab) is a no-frills Wi-Fi connected robot vacuum. For the price it offers strong performance and cleaning with an edge sweeping brush to remove dirt from baseboards. It’s app-controlled and lets you clean on a schedule, and it can create an intelligent cleaning schedule based on your needs while learning your habits. It doesn’t drain or charge itself, but it’s all you need to clean up efficiently.

Best for pet owners

Why we like it

The iRobot Roomba i3+ EVO (Refurbished)(Opens in a new tab) is perfect for pets as it is equipped with a multi-brush action and powerful suction to loosen and capture pet hair and fur. With 10x suction power, it’s ready to clean up any mess; Smart mapping to create an effective cleaning route through your home; and a self-recharging base that it can return to on its own after cleaning. With a 90-minute battery life and a filter that also catches 99 percent of the pollen, mold and dust mites in your home, it’s well worth the entry-level price, especially at a discount.

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