Queen Consort was guest editor of the best-selling Country Life magazine of all time

The Queen Consort has guest-edited the best-selling Country Life issue of all time, according to the magazine.

The issue, which featured a photo of Camilla taken by the Princess of Wales and told of her own strong connection to Britain’s natural environment, sold nearly 70,000 copies.

Camilla guest edited the weekly magazine to mark its 125th anniversary on July 13 and celebrated her 75th birthday just days later.

Mark Hedges, Editor-in-Chief of Country Life, said: “The worldwide exclusive cover set the tone for an exceptional issue of Country Life, which is now the best-selling issue in its 125-year history and offers an unparalleled insight into our Queen Consort.

“She was a fearless and extremely practical guest editor, tackling issues ranging from rural domestic violence to inner-city deprivation.

“A recurring theme that runs through many of the features is the stories told by people whose lives have been transformed by the small acts of kindness and help from Her Royal Highness.

“Country Life has always been a magazine of records and our commemorative guest edition of our Queen Consort has earned its place in history.”

In the photo, Camilla was seen strolling through forget-me-nots and sitting on a bench with a chest full of flowers at her country home, Ray Mill House, in Wiltshire.

The magazine included a personal tribute to her husband the King, whom Camilla described as “a countryman to the core” where he “finds true peace.”

She described the countryside as an integral part of his “heart and soul” and credited his vast knowledge and support for rural causes.

Camilla also shared her love of the natural environment while warning about the “darker side” of life in rural areas, including crime, suicide and domestic violence in remote areas.

She wrote in the lead column: “I appreciated this opportunity to highlight some of the people, communities and charities I have had the privilege of meeting who do so much for life on our country, too often unnoticed and unnoticed. ”

It was the fourth time the magazine had been guest-edited by a member of the royal family.

Charles guest-edited Country Life twice, first for his 65th birthday in November 2013 and then for his 70th in 2018, which was then the best-selling issue of all time.

In 2020, Princess Royal made a guest appearance on her 70th birthday with the July 29 issue – another best-seller.

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