Porsche designs Airstream caravan, which is more aerodynamic, has lower springs and has a pop-up roof

Airstream excels at its finest aluminum travel trailers. Staying true to their design DNA, Airstream and Studio FA Porsche have teamed up to create an Airstream bus with refined aerodynamics, a pop-up roof for more headroom, and lowered suspension to allow city dwellers to park to adapt to the changing RV landscape in their residential garages.

Airstream was an innovative RV manufacturer, but this next-generation Porsche-designed Airstream trailer is a far cry from what the former has managed to do over the years. As a result of the “what-if” collaboration between the two design enthusiasts, the concept may be vastly different, but it deviates only slightly from Airstream’s signature riveted aluminum look.

Designer: Airstream x Porsche

A 1:3 scale model of the aerodynamically planned Airstream of the future, ideally designed in photorealistic renderings, can be seen at the ongoing South by Southwest Conference and Festival in Austin, TX. Airflow features an aerodynamic shape, with the face enhanced for airflow, while the bottom’s flush design provides reduced drag-generating projection.

As the first Airstream trailer of its kind with lowered suspension, this Porsche design is better optimized for electric vehicle towing. The design allows for multiple things to fit in the 10 inch space under the bottom of this trailer. So you get water tanks, heater components, spare wheel and lithium ion battery all tucked inside to save onboard space.

On board, the pop-up roof creates more headroom when camping and the rear seating area can be quickly converted into a work or dining area. It can also be converted into an 82″ x 61″ sleeping area when night falls. This versatile living area can be opened to the outdoors with the opening tailgate which, with attached awnings, creates a shady space to relax or plan your next adventure.

The luxuriously designed caravan has a wet bathroom with a swinging door that hides the toilet. The galley features a hinged counter that extends to the main entrance creating a large L-shaped workspace similar to most spacious caravans. With its healthy design and the option to integrate solar panels on the roof, the Porsche x Airstream battery powered caravan is ideal for adventures within the city limits and off the grid.

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