Polono PL60 review: fast and reliable professional thermal printer

Thermal printer Polono PL60: important technical data

Size: 16.7x20x29.5cm
Connectivity: USB
Print speed: 150mm/s
Max. label width: 4.65 inches (118mm)
Compatibility: Windows, Mac and ChromeOS
Weight: 2.21kg

The Polono PL60 fills a pressing need in today’s courier society. It’s an office tool primarily designed to print 4″ x 6″ stickers and shipping labels, but it can also print smaller labels and stickers. It’s a thermal printer, so it doesn’t use toner or ink, which is definitely a resource-saving relief in these eco-conscious and costly times.

When it comes to that, it’s among the best thermal printers (opens in new tab)the Polono PL60 is the closest match to the MUNBYN thermal label printer in size, shape, function and connectivity, so Polono is targeting small businesses with this device.

I received a test sample to test it out over several weeks and as a test editor on this very website I receive and ship products almost daily so the Polono has received very good training in my home office over the last few weeks. And I’m happy to report that I’d love to buy one of them.

(Image credit: Future/Erlingur Einarsson)


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