Oculus Quest 2 still too hard? This Steam VR headset is four times lighter

Virtual reality developer Bigscreen is expanding into hardware by introducing its self-proclaimed “world’s smallest VR headset,” the Beyond. This title is not entirely unfounded either.

Beyond (opens in new tab) is about 5.6 inches long, two inches wide, and weighs just over four ounces, barring additional accessories. For comparison, the Oculus Quest 2, another lightweight VR headset, weighs almost four times as much at 17.7 ounces. The company’s CEO, Darshan Shankar, told TechCrunch that as technology improved, VR headsets got bigger and bulkier. Heavier devices can cause neck strain, which restricts user movement and impairs gameplay. So Bigscreen decided to go the opposite way and create a more comfortable, compact machine. Granted, it achieves some of that weight loss by offloading batteries and some components to the connected PC.

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