‘Nothing more than a PR stunt’: Harry and Meghan reject The Sun’s apology for Jeremy Clarkson’s column

A spokeswoman for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex issued an apology The sun Newspaper about a column in which Jeremy Clarkson said he “hates” Meghan was “nothing more than a PR stunt”.

In the column published in The sun Newspaper and online on Friday December 17, Clarkson wrote he dreams of the day the Duchess of Sussex would have to parade naked around Britain while a crowd chanted “shame” and pelted her with “excrement”.

That Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? The host claimed that “everyone my age thinks the same way”.

The article drew criticism from high-profile figures, politicians, and Clarkson’s own daughter, Emily Clarkson.

More than 60 cross-party MPs wrote to it The sun‘s editor to demand an apology and “action taken” against Clarkson. The SNP shadow culture minister also called for Clarkson to be banned from television altogether.

An apology was issued by the publication on Thursday December 22nd.

In a statement, the newspaper said: “Columnists’ opinions are their own, but as publishers we know that with freedom of expression comes responsibility.

“We at The sun regret publishing this article and we are truly sorry.”

However, the statement, issued on behalf of the royal couple via the PA news agency, made it clear that the apology was not accepted.

“The fact that The sun has not contacted the Duchess of Sussex to apologize, showing her intent,” the spokeswoman for Harry and Meghan said.

“It’s nothing more than a PR stunt. While the public fully deserves posting regrets for their dangerous comments, we wouldn’t be in this situation if The sun stop profiting from and exploiting hate, violence and misogyny.

“A genuine apology would be a change in their reporting and their ethical standards for everyone.

“Unfortunately, we’re not holding our breath.”

Ex-‘Top Gear’ presenter slammed the Duchess of Sussex in his Sun column


Clarkson wrote on Twitter earlier this week that he was “appalled to have caused so much damage” and that he would “be more careful going forward.”

“Oh dear. I rather put my foot in it. In a column I wrote about Meghan, I awkwardly referenced a scene game of Thrones and that went down badly with a lot of people,” he said.

“I am appalled to have caused so much damage and I will be more careful going forward.”

Ipso said the piece that was removed that of the sun Received more than 17,500 complaints at Clarkson’s request as of 9am on Tuesday 20 December – up to 20,800 by 5pm.

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