NBA Christmas Day: Knicks, Celtics, Lakers, Warriors and more all wrapped up in one holiday gift

Christmas is just around the corner and we know what that means: five NBA games for all possible screens.

So many stars, rivalries and intrigues – let’s get in the sled and take a ride around the league.

We’ll start at noon in the East with Philly and the Knicks – the 500+ Knicks who quit laying bricks.

They host a strong Sixers team at The Garden, led by Joel Embiid and the Bart, James Harden.

Embiid leads the league with 33 points per game, but Spike Lee is hoping the Knicks’ D has a trick up his sleeve.

New York has Jalen Brunson frothing the crowd, and Julius Randle’s putbacks will make that crowd loud.

At 2:30 Eastern we’re moving up the coast – it’s Bucks vs Celtics as Boston hosts.

Giannis Antetokounmpo stars for Milwaukee. He blocks, runs and dives! man, what did I just see?

His adversary, MVP candidate Jayson Tatum. His game is so smooth that there’s no way you can hate him.

He’s a semi-great backcourt, he works with Jaylen Brown, and as a roster the C’s are second from downtown.

We’re flying to Dallas at 5 for the Lakers-Mavericks (Side note: my nephew is a huge LeBron fan…Hi Clive!)

Two of the game’s best stars, must-see TV news: LeBron James and Luka Doncic dueling out of three.

In addition to her rating, her passing game is great. A full court throw! A no-look pass! Wow what a dime!

Three players are all-time triple-double top 10s. Russell Westbrook leads all. can he do it again

What’s next? prime time! Grizzlies-Warriors tips at 8. There is no Steph Curry, but this game should still be great.

Behind Ja Morant, Memphis ranks first and is thriving. This team seeks to avenge the playoff loss.

Defending champions Golden State play better at home. Dub Nation needs its shooters in the zone.

San Francisco will be hosting the first of four meetings, and with Ja’s comments, it should be quite the welcome.

It’s 10:30 p.m., the last NBA verse of the day: Suns and Nuggets, always a stroke of luck on the west coast.

Will Devin Booker play? Well, that’s the big question. He had a sore Hammy – maybe Phoenix is ​​resting him?

Let’s talk Denver, how the hosts play ball. First in the west, finally healthy and upright.

Nikola Jokic is the reigning two-time MVP. Could a triple-double year make it MVP 3?

So after a morning of gift-giving and Christmas recaps, be sure to check out our NBA links and all of our live blogs.

We’ll be reporting from coast to coast, so many reports.

And Merry Christmas to everyone at CBS Sports!

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