mo’cycle airbag jeans inflate to protect the lower body from motorcycle accidents

Airbag jeans from mo’cycle

inflatable boats that protect parts of the body from accidents and falls an inflatable pants, a parachute-like backpack that will be protective gear, and a bicycle helmet which also serves as a padded hood. A recent addition comes from Swedish company Mo’cycle, whose airbag jean balloon protects the rider’s lower body parts in accidents and falls.

One of the key features of airbag jeans is that they are reusable, meaning riders can treat them like regular jeans before inflating them. You can remove the airbag module that deploys in a crash, toss the jeans in the washing machine, dry them and wear them again to complete their stylish look.

Images courtesy of Mo’cycle

Mo’cycle claims that its material is stronger and lighter than steel as it uses a tough denim material called Armalith, a single-layer fabric manufactured to manage abrasion forces while the installed airbag handles impact forces.

“Using Armalith technology at the fiber level, a blend of fibers (including UHMWPE) are ring-spun and blended to achieve the extremely abrasion-resistant properties, while at the same time being stretchable and resembling regular denim.” the company believes. Mo’cycle plans to launch the airbag jeans later this month (February 2023), but the date has yet to be determined.

Mo'cycle airbag jeans
Air module in the jeans

Impact absorption through rapid inflation

Mo’cycle’s Airbag jeans Have flat bouncy castles inserted into the fabric that cannot be felt unless triggered. When the rider flies off their vehicle, the airbag deploys and the deployment mechanism is a tether that connects the pants to the motorcycle and acts as a dead man’s switch.

The airbag protects previously exposed parts of the lower body, such as the thighs, the back of the torso and the tailbone. “It’s revolutionary to use airbag technology to protect the first bone of the spine, because spinal injuries are what paralyze motorcyclists.” Mo’cycle claims.

Mo’cycle knows that the motorcycle jeans available today have knee and hip pads, but the design team also knows that such a style leaves the rest of the lower body exposed to impact. Airbag jeans are hoped to fool accidents and accidents by wrapping the driver’s body in airbag cushions, which the company believes can absorb 10 times the impact energy compared to traditional pads.

Mo'cycle airbag jeans
the jeans double as regular denimwear

Mo'cycle airbag jeans
Mo’cycle airbag jeans in action

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