M&M’s Super Bowl ad is a massive anti-climax

Another day, another M&M controversy. Where to start with this one? Well, the headlines are that Mars Wrigley has released his much-anticipated M&M’s ad at the Super Bowl. This ad was intended to clear up the confusion after M&M’s changed its name to Ma&Ya’s, a take on new voice actress Maya Rudolph’s name, as well as reintroduce the “Spokescandies” and bring the characters back to the heart of the brand.

But the ads (see below) are more than a little weird. It features comical Maya Rudolph promoting new Ma&Ya’s that appear to be candy-coated clam bites. There are people who try the clam candies and look disgusted (not surprisingly), there are other people who appear to be dressed up as Spokescandies, except for some reason they’re wearing white pants and vests over their colored outfits. And if you look closely you can spot the yellow M&M in the background, as well as the red M&M holding up a “Help” sign.

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