I’ve played Switchback VR on PSVR 2 – it flashes frighteningly (and I love it)

There’s a moment in my playthrough of PSVR 2 horror game The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR where everything you think you know about VR gaming is pushed out the next window and the game actually changes depending on where you’re going You look and if you blink. Yes, but flash this game can affect the world and, well… it suggests a whole new way to experience gaming.

Switchback VR is one of the best games for PSVR 2 and it’s not even out yet (this game is out on March 16th). These are already my personal favorite games on the new Sony headset. The Blink mechanic was developed after the game’s director, Alejandro Arque Galladro, first saw the PSVR 2 specs and decided that eye-tracking will be crucial. He wasn’t wrong.

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