Inspired by the Y2K era, the Nebula 928 art car shines in purple hue and a definite retro-futuristic aura

Daniel Arsham is an imaginative purist when it comes to abstract designs with no boundaries for disciplinary segmentation. His exploits in the automotive segment need no introduction, from Lewis Hamilton’s mesmerizing helmet for the 2023 Monaco GP to the 356 Bonsai Art Car inspired by the Japanese aesthetic concept Wabi Sabi.

At the other end of the spectrum is Khyzyl Saleem, who lurks on the cusp of the digital ideation of vehicles that has caught the attention of the automotive design world more often than one might think.

Designers: Daniel Arsham and Khyzyl Saleem

The two creative beasts have teamed up with automotive heavyweight Porsche to create this upbeat makeover of the Porsche 928 luxury grand tourer. Back then, this outlandish car was the first production model from Porsche to feature a snarling V8 engine. Apparently it’s the only coupe with a front-mounted powertrain, making it a rare four-wheeler from the German automobile brand. Now, V8 nostalgia returns in the form of a Y2K-style art car they call the Nebula 928.

Mostly seen in Malaise Brown, Porsche’s V8 wedge categorically doesn’t make my buds tingle given the off-position headlights and stretched windows behind the B-pillar, yet this restyled version presents a semblance of magnetism again. Now those soft eyes complement the 928’s flowing silhouette, and the violet blue metallic paint finish gives it a quirky 2000s sci-fi character. The eccentric wheels add a fashion statement that millennials will appreciate for the aesthetic value.

Khyzyl jazzed up the overall look, taking inspiration from the organic meta-ball shapes. The CGI artist helped Arsham redesign the aesthetics of the rear wing, bumpers, and lights to create a whole new identity that I love. The rear bumper lights up with the NEBULA writing, while the triple intakes with a central one surrounded by two small ones add a sense of depth to the design. Arsham’s studio logo is featured all over the outside and also inside in the form of a custom print.

Inside, the bold look continues with a slightly darker hue of purple ultrasuede clothing and leather in the cockpit. Contrasting elements are the aluminum steering wheel and gear knob. To fuse the elements of past, present and future, the creative minds drape the interiors with BYBORRE woven fabric panels. Of course, the telltale time-travel vibe of Daniel’s signature style is evident in this automobile sculpt.

To the delight of motorheads, the NEBULA 928 will be on display at the SXSW event for the Porsche X Space from March 10-19 in Austin, Texas.

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