How to Fix “Error Loading Media” in Messenger

Let’s admit it; Messenger is a great application for communicating with our Facebook friends. It’s an app that lets you connect with your friends through text, voice, and video calls.

The company behind Messenger, Meta, also regularly introduces new features to its messaging app. The problem with Messenger, however, is that it’s not entirely bug-free.

Occasionally, some errors may appear while using certain features of the app. For example, recently many Messenger users were reportedly getting the error message “Error loading media”.

The message “Error loading media” generally appears with the files you receive via Messenger. It can appear while viewing images, videos, GIFs and other media files in Messenger. If you’ve recently received the same error message, you’ve landed on the right page.

Fixed “Error loading media” in Messenger

That “Error loading media” on Messenger is a very common error that you can easily fix. Below we have shared some simple methods that will help you Fix the media loading error message in messenger. Let’s begin.

1) Restart the Messenger app

If you just got the “Error loading media” in Messenger, you need to restart the Messenger app first. Restarting the Messenger app will likely rule out any errors or glitches and allow the media file to load.

So before you use other methods, Restart the Messenger app. To restart Messenger, open the recent apps list and close the Messenger app. Now wait a few seconds and then open Messenger again.

2) Restart your device

Restart your smartphone

If restarting the Messenger app didn’t help, you need to restart your smartphone. Be it Android or iPhone; A simple reboot can fix many issues and kill all background processes.

In order to, Restart your smartphone and open the Messenger app. There is a higher chance that the media files will be played in your messenger app now.

3) Make sure your internet is working

Check the internet

No matter how many times you try to play the media file, the media will not load if your phone or computer is not connected to the internet.

You may have received the media file through Messenger while connected to the internet. And after you get it, your internet will be disconnected resulting in “Error loading media”.

No internet or unstable internet is the main cause of Error Loading Media error in Messenger app. That’s why, Check your internet before trying another solution.

4) Check if Messenger has a technical problem

Check if Messenger is experiencing a technical issue

We understand a technical problem as a server failure. It is possible that tech companies occasionally face downtime as they need it to maintain their servers.

So if Messenger’s servers are down, no media file will load. The best way to confirm if Messenger is facing an outage is to check down detector Side.

Downdetector or other similar websites track all websites and let you know if your favorite websites or services are down or having problems.

5) Disable data saving mode in Messenger

Messenger has a data saver mode that attempts to save data while you use the app. This feature can sometimes interfere with the media files and prevent them from playing automatically.

Data Saver prevents media files from playing automatically to save data. How to turn off data saver in Messenger.

1. First, open the Messenger app on your Android. Next, tap the hamburger Menu in the upper left corner.

Hamburger menu

2. A menu will slide from the left; tap the settings gear icon.


3. This will open the Profile Settings page, scroll down and tap data saver.

data saver

4. On the Data Saver screen turn off the feature.

turn off the feature

That’s it! Here’s how you can turn off data saver in Messenger to fix “Error loading media” message.

6) Clear Messenger app cache

If the problem is still not resolved, you need to try clearing the Messenger app cache. Like any other app, Messenger also stores some temporary files called cache on your phone.

This file helps apps load faster, but if it gets corrupted, it can trigger many errors including “media loading error” in Messenger. So it is best to delete the cache file.

1. First, long press and select the Messenger app icon app information.

app information

2. On the Messenger app info page, tap memory usage.

memory usage

3. Under Storage usage, tap clear cache.

clear cache

That’s it! Here’s how you can clear Messenger app cache file to fix media playback error message.

7) Update Messenger app

Update the Messenger app

If nothing worked for you, you can update the Messenger app. Many users have claimed to fix the error loading media error simply by updating the Messenger app from the app stores.

Also, you should always keep your apps up to date. This will ensure better app performance and stability. Go to Google Play Store or Apple App Store and update the Messenger application.

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So, these are some of the best options Fix error “Failed to load media”. Message in Messenger app. If you need more help fixing “Error loading media” in Messenger app, let us know in the comments. If the article helped you, share it with your friends too.

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