How the awesome retro-futuristic Hello Tomorrow logos came about

Hello morning! It might not be the biggest hit on AppleTV, but on the bright side, it features some of the most exquisite logo designs to hit the small screen in a long time. The designer behind the logos, posters, and signs of the fictional 1950s sci-fi series is Matt Stevens, and he tells me exactly how it all came together.

As a graphic designer with an agency background, someone used to putting a lot of work, time and attention into creating designs that are “just right” was “really hot on our heels” when working on a TV show, laughs Stevens. “It was really about generating a lot of ideas quickly. And don’t deal with it too soon. And I think that as a logo designer I had to let go of a lot of you guys that love the process and just sort of go with the flow.

The Apple TV Plus show is set in an alternate 1950s America, where technology has evolved to include robotic servants and AI delivery drivers, but still clings to the clean lines and curvaceous simplicity of mid-century design. In Hello morning! People can live on the moon but look good along the way.

The logo design for Hello Tomorrow! needed to feel mid-century, but also fresh and new (Image credit: Apple/Mortal Media)

“We really tried to do something that felt mid-century but not overly intrusive,” explains Stevens. He tells me about the logo design for Hello Tomorrow! had to walk a fine line between direct mid-century inspiration and the show’s overall aesthetic, but they didn’t have to “feel like they could land right in that era.”

It’s a balancing act that many imaginary designs have to manage; juggling taking direct inspiration from a time period or design style, but also offering something new and unique. Hello morning! is not necessarily a historical piece, but a fantasy of increased consumerism in which the old world collides with the new.

hello morning logo design ;  Sign logos for a 1950's diner

Vistaville is the main location for the show and its city signage needs to combine 1950’s authenticity with a modern twist (Image credit: Apple/Mortal Media)

“With the Brightside logo,” says Stevens, “it has to feel a bit anachronistic, it had some modern tendencies, but it could also feel like living in a mid-century world.”

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