George Santos Admits Lying to Everyone in Leaked Audio

  • A potential associate secretly picked up Rep. George Santos, Talking Point’s memo reported.
  • In the recording, Santos notes that he “lied to everyone.”
  • Santos is under pressure because a number of claims he has made have been exposed as fabrications.

MP George Santos said, “I obviously screwed it up and lied to him like I lied to everyone else,” in audio leaked by a potential staffer and obtained from Talking Point’s memo.

The New York Republican is facing resignation calls after a string of claims he made about his career, education and personal history were exposed as fabrications.

The recording was reportedly taken on Jan. 30 at Santos’ office by Derek Myers, a journalist and potential collaborator whom Santos ultimately declined to hire.

First, they have a bizarre conversation about Brazilian candy, ties from thrift stores, and Colombian botox.

Santos then turns to the question of keeping Myers on staff and brings up the fact that Myers faces charges in Ohio of taking court testimony.

“It’s none of our business, it’s this institution’s business,” said Santos.

Myers told TPM the comment left him stunned given the allegations Santos faces about his own wrongdoing.

Santos shifts to another topic and realizes that CNN host Don Lemon just texted him.

“Don Lemon just texted me — I’m sorry, I’m listening – Don Lemon just texted me!” Santos said on the recording.

Santos then spoke about his own personal scandals and, according to the recording, praised his embattled chief of staff, Charley Lovett.

“I’ve made bad decisions and I’m reaping the consequences of those bad decisions,” Santos said.

“I obviously screwed up and lied to him like I lied to everyone else,” Santos later added, apparently referring to Lovett. “And he still forgave me and gave me a second chance, unlike some other people.”

“I trust his judgment more than my own,” added Santos.

Insider has reached out to Santos’ office for comment,

Santos resigned from both of his committee positions this week, saying he has become a distraction for Republicans in Congress but vowing to keep fighting and clear his name.

He has admitted to lying about his past, but has tried to characterize the lies as harmless embellishments on his resume. Among the false claims he made was that his mother died as a result of 9/11.

He faces a federal investigation into his financial affairs and allegedly stealing cash raised for a veteran’s dying dog. He also faces an investigation by authorities in Brazil over his alleged use of a stolen check book.

The Committee to Protect Journalists has asked Ohio authorities to drop charges against Myers for publishing footage of a murder trial.

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