Furniture and gym equipment upholstered in denim are a striking nod to the iconic material

It might be a common sight today on jeans, jackets and even some bags, but there was a point in history when denim was considered revolutionary and cool. It has been and still is plastered on billboards and casual wear ads, but denim was once a symbol of the American Dream. From miners to cowboys to laborers, denim has been worn by people from all walks of life striving to make a living and create a home for their families. The way we live today is drastically different from that time, but denim remains a staple in clothing, and this almost eccentric collection of homewares and other projects pays tribute to the material in a way that reflects how much has evolved over time that has changed decades.

Designer: Harry Nuriev

As a material, denim is known for its rugged appearance and properties that have made it favorable in certain harsh conditions. Of course, denim clothing has more or less become a staple of casual wear around the world today, but for a very long time it was a classic American symbol associated with working-class and middle-class people. Times have changed, as has the way we live and work, and these denim-clad products convey that fact in an interesting new way.

The pieces are unique and unmistakable in their own right. After all, who would have dreamed up fitness equipment covered in that blue fabric? A relatively soft DJ booth is also a bit ironic, and a denim wall covering almost makes you want to walk in for fun. Other objects are a little more understandable, such as tables and chairs, which exude a sense of comfort just by looking at them.

But the collection also seems to make a statement for modern lifestyles, especially where ‘home’ has become both a place of activity and rest. The denim pool bed set, for example, seems to encompass everything and everyone you do at home, whether it’s sleeping, eating, working, or connecting with family and friends. It is the extreme manifestation of our post-COVID-19 pandemic hybrid worklife, in which boundaries and divisions are being torn down for better or for worse.

Denim has now become a part of both everyday wear and the haute couture world, but it also once symbolized the American dream. It has left an indelible mark on human culture and this odd but beautiful range of home furniture and products honors that history while emphasizing just how much denim is a part of everyday life, at home, at work and at work from home .

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