For that reason, it’s good that Apple is delaying its mixed reality headset

We’ve been waiting for Apple’s mixed reality headset for a long time. Apple hasn’t even officially announced the device yet, but there are a lot of rumors circulating about it on the internet. While analysts had claimed the product would launch in early 2023, a recent report suggests that Apple decided to delay its announcement until WWDC 2023. And that’s just as well.

Rumors about Apple’s mixed reality headset

Although Apple has been working on its new headset for years, the company reportedly faced some technical challenges with the product. After all, this is the first time Apple has built a device specifically for AR/VR.

In addition, rumors suggest that the hardware will be quite advanced and complex. The Apple headset is expected to feature dual 4K micro-LED displays, high-resolution cameras, advanced motion and gesture detection sensors, and the M2 chip. Packing all of this into one wearable accessory certainly isn’t easy, and it won’t be cheap either.

According to recent reports, Apple’s AR/VR headset will cost around $3,000. To convince people to buy such an expensive product, Apple also came up with some exclusive features. For example, users can use FaceTime to chat with others in a virtual universe. The device also works as an external display for the Mac.

But these reports also suggest that Apple’s prototype headsets are far from delivering a good user experience. In order not to make the device so heavy, Apple would have opted for two external batteries the size of an iPhone. However, the headset is not expected to work for more than two hours without a plug. Some sources familiar with the project also said that the headset isn’t exactly comfortable to wear.

Apple’s headset lag can be a good thing

Multiple sources indicated that Apple had plans to announce its new headset sometime between March and April. However, Bloomberg’s Markus Gurman reported today that Apple scrapped that plan. Instead, the company now plans to announce it at WWDC 2023 in June.

Given all the latest rumours, delaying the headset announcement could be a good thing for both Apple and consumers. Based on what we’ve heard, the company definitely needs more time to improve the headset experience. It’s going to be a big announcement for sure, but it won’t look good when Apple releases such an expensive product with many flaws.

At the same time, this will also give Apple more time to produce more units of the headset. Of course, no one expects a $3,000 product to be a hit. But given the complexity of the rumored headset, Apple might struggle to produce even a few thousand units of it.

In addition, such an announcement fits perfectly with WWDC, a developer conference. As I wrote before, Apple needs developers more than ever to make this product attractive. What better time to announce a new device while giving developers access to it than at WWDC?

Apple may also have decided to wait a bit longer due to market strategies. None of the AR/VR devices launched by other companies have been a hit so far, and Apple may want to better understand this market and its potential customers.

Wrap up

At this point, there are many people interested in seeing what Apple will show off with its mixed reality headset. But having a solid product to show the world is far more important to its success.

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