Fitness app Gentler Streak is getting a new “Wellness” section.

Popular fitness app Gentler Streak gets a major update today that adds a new “Wellness” section. There users will find an intuitive summary of their health data “that makes sense for everyone and is not just reserved for fitness nerds”.

Gentler Streak’s new wellbeing feature

As the name suggests, the Wellbeing section is a place where Gentler Streak users can find a lot of useful information about their health. However, instead of just showing numbers, the app explains if your readings are good and the impact each one is having on your life.

Wellbeing tracks up to seven different health metrics: sleep heart rate (SHR) or resting heart rate (if SHR isn’t available), sleep duration, heart rate variability (HRV), respiratory rate, oxygen saturation, and wrist temperature. As you can guess from these categories, those who sleep with their Apple Watch will get a more detailed summary.

It’s also worth noting that some of the metrics may require special hardware, such as: B. Oxygen saturation (available on Apple Watch Series 6 and later) and wrist temperature (introduced with Apple Watch Series 8). However, you can use the Wellbeing pane without all of this data.

Each morning Gentler Streak shows the user a “descriptive summary of health”. The app learns your typical range for each metric so it can provide personalized guidance and spot unusual changes. Gentler Streak co-founder Katarina Lotrič says the app aims to motivate people to take care of their health without turning it “into a score”.

We avoid packing your daily form into a score, percentage or body battery concept. In order to make a healthier lifestyle more accessible and to be fair to data, we communicate in simple words, just like in everyday life. Hopefully, our approach offers a clearer insight into personal well-being and has the power to motivate people of all fitness levels and backgrounds.

The developers also announced some other features coming to Gentler Streak users later this year. These include menstrual cycle tracking, new widgets and complications, and a new way to “watch how your active life is affecting your health over the long term.”

More about the app

Gentler Streak has been recognized by Apple as App of the Year 2022 for the Apple Watch. The app has been available for the iPhone since 2021 and was released for the Apple Watch in February 2022.

The app is available for free in the App Store. However, some of the features require a subscription or lifetime license. If you want to learn more about the app, be sure to read 9to5Macs Interview with Katarina Lotrič, founder of Gentler Streak.

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