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Bob’s burger is one of my favorite shows. The writing is smart, silly, and heartfelt, and her holiday episodes are usually among my favorites. Bob’s burger is known for his Thanksgiving episodes due to Bob’s love of Thanksgiving. But with Valentine’s Day around the corner, I thought I’d rank their episodes dedicated to the holiday. Of course, this list is very subjective, but if you want to watch something to celebrate Valentine’s Day, these episodes are all worth watching.

8.) My Fuzzy Valentine (Season 3)

This first Valentine’s Day episode is incredibly cute. Although it ended up at the bottom of my list, don’t write it off entirely. As a result, Bob and the kids desperately search for the perfect gift for Linda. Bob tries to track down the love tester from his first date with Linda. After driving all over town and paying Hugo, the health inspector, and an obscene amount of money to do it, he realizes it wasn’t from a date with Linda at all. Meanwhile, Linda has hosted a disastrous speed dating event. In the end, it turns out that the effort is what matters most and Bob and Linda share a romantic moment and Teddy walks away with a lady’s phone number.

7.) Ferry on My Wayward Bob and Linda (season 12)

In this episode, thanks to Bob’s great burgers, Bob and Linda are invited to a very exclusive Valentine’s Day event by a small restaurant owner on King’s Head Island. After getting dressed and getting ready, Bob and Linda end up on the wrong ferry and end up on the wrong side of the island. After slogging through mud and sheep manure, Linda encourages Bob that they’re actually part of the fancy dinner and nothing will stop them, not even Bob’s looming feelings of impostor syndrome and doom. Meanwhile, the kids are planning how to get their weak babysitter to take them to discounted Valentine’s Day treats when the babysitter’s crush/notary shows up to notarize some documents. After some very uncomfortable flirtations, the kids help the two get together. The episode balances the two different stories well and it’s always nice to see how the couple dynamic of Bob and Linda really works for the two of them.

6.) The Gene and Courtney Show (Season 6)

This is at the bottom of my list just because of my bias towards Courtney, I find her really annoying. But the episode as a whole is fun, Gene and Courtney try to spice up the morning announcements, but when a romance develops between them, it hurts their ability to do the show well. They break up to make amends with the show, with Gene singing a sad but uplifting song on Valentine’s Day. I actually like the B plot more where Tina is in charge of a fundraiser where students can buy a red carnation for a classmate. Everything is kept secret until Valentine’s Day, but it drives Tina crazy not knowing if she had one or not. After discovering she doesn’t have any, she goes insane and opens them all to find out who is sending each other flowers, only to need Louise and Linda to help her put all the correct names back in their correct envelopes. Meanwhile, Bob was supposed to get the carnations but completely forgot to pre-order them and has to figure out a way to get the flowers with the help of Teddy. In the end, Bob and LInda didn’t do anything for each other, but it’s quite a funny moment and shows that the two have a solid relationship.

5.) Can’t buy math (season 5)

Tina needs a math teacher and turns to Darryl for help. Darryl hatches a plan for him and Tina to fake a date to win Cupid’s couple at the valentine’s dance. After the dance they will break up and then be irresistible to their actual crushes. The plan works, but Tina almost ruins it by confessing to the whole thing because she thinks she’s in love with Darryl. When it becomes clear that Darryl and his crush Rosa make a much better couple and Tina only fell in love with who Darryl is pretending to be, she finds a way to bring the two together. Meanwhile, Linda tries to take some of the stress out of Bob’s Valentine’s Day by planning romantic activities throughout the week. Overall, the episode is fun and contains some good, heartfelt moments.

4.) Romancing the Beef (Season 11)

To show Jimmy Pesto, the Belchers, Bob, and Linda decide to delay Valentine’s Day plans by converting the restaurant to “Urge,” a romantic one-night-only restaurant for couples who were too late to get reservations for Valentine’s Day. The family gets together except for Tina, who goes to Tammy’s anti-Valentine’s Day party to really decorate the place into a romantic hotspot that quickly fills up with moderately unhappy couples. Everything’s going well until Hugo shows up, and while he’s not there for work, he doesn’t hesitate to shut the whole thing down if his date doesn’t show up. As it looks like he’s being raised, the family invents increasingly elaborate lies about where she is. Bob and Linda end up sharing things they love about each other, their original plan for the evening by yelling around the restaurant, and eventually Hugo’s date night emerges. It’s a really sweet episode that’s especially good to watch when you and your partner are often too busy to make big romantic gestures for each other.

3.) Bed, Bob and More (Season 9)

Bob and Linda get into a big, silly fight over dirty laundry on Valentine’s Day. After the kids break Gene’s bed by jumping on it together, they have to put their parents in a better mood before telling them. Hoping that the romantic comedy they watch as a family will help, the movie is abruptly cut short at the theater, leaving Linda in a particularly bad mood. As they try to save everything, each child shares a different part of how the movie could have ended. Dirty laundry and broken beds turn out to be part of every story and a lot of fun. In the end, Bob and Linda apologize to each other and the kids quickly tell them about the bed before quickly heading to the apartment. I really like most of the episodes that have three different stories in them and this one is just so funny with all the broken beds in it. However, Louise ends up walking in with the big win by saying the most obvious thing, which will help Bob and Linda feel better, and it turns out to be a cute moment.

2.) V for Valentine-detta (season 8)

When Jimmy Jr. leaves Tina heartbroken on Valentine’s Day, Linda decides to cheer her up by taking her and Louise to a girls’ night out in the limo meant for Linda and Bob. Step into one of my favorite supporting characters, Natalie the limo driver. Not only does she help them take her everywhere and manage to get her into a dessert, but she also helps plan Tina’s revenge on Jimmy Jr. as they all find out why Tina is so mad at him. When the big moment arrives, Tina can’t do it because she doesn’t want to ruin the date for the girl Jimmy Jr. asked for. When he breaks up with her at the restaurant, all bets are off and Tina ends up bringing the other girl to finish off their girls night out. Meanwhile, Bob takes Gene into the activity Linda originally planned for her and learns how to be a trapeze artist. It’s a really funny B-story and it’s really fun to see Bob and Gene spending time together.

1.) Actually Bob (Season 7)

If you were to ask me to list my top 5 favorite Bob’s Burgers episodes, this one would definitely make the list. It’s got humor, it’s got romance, it’s got cute moments, it’s got everything you want in a Valentine’s Day episode. Each character has their own story, similar to Love Actually. Bob wants to take dance lessons to surprise Linda on Valentine’s Day, but he never signed up. Teddy takes him to the studio he’s going to and they both take hip-hop at the only class available that afternoon. Meanwhile, Linda comforts the probably confused Ms. Selbo. At school, Tina tries to keep from exploding with diarrhea when Jimmy Jr. tries to kiss heaven on a trampoline. Gene sneaks into the kitchen for some treats, where he finds the assistant lunch lady making chocolates for her love. Louise has to break the news to normal-sized Rudy that he doesn’t have a crush on him, even though he gave her flowers and a note. Every act is short and sweet and ends with a kiss, don’t worry Gene kisses a chocolate covered spoon. Each story is so funny and good that it’s really hard to pick a favorite story, for me it’s a draw between Louise and Bob. This episode is so good I really recommend it anytime you’re feeling down and need to pick me up.

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