Best MacBook trade-ins 2023

The new MacBook Pro M2 Pro and Max laptops have arrived with a number of impressive upgrades. And we could launch a brand new 15-inch MacBook Air as early as this spring. Whether you’re ready to upgrade now or curious how much you could get for your current laptop, here’s a look at the best MacBook trade-ins. You can also claim a 10% cash bonus from our official trade-in partner Decluttr with the code “9TO5MAC“.

Selling a MacBook can be a hassle for yourself. But you don’t have to sacrifice to get the trade-in value you want for a seamless trade-in experience.

Below we have the best MacBook trade-in values ​​for cash, plus Apple Store credit and more. These are all services that the 9to5Mac team used to sell our personal devices.

If you’re curious how the new MacBook Pro compares to the rest of the current lineup, check out our full guide:

We also have a walkthrough on how to reset your MacBook before you trade it in:

Best MacBook trade-ins

Decluttr – the official trade-in partner of 9to5Mac

Our favorite partner is Decluttr – the company behind our official trade-in portal. In many, if not all, cases, Decluttr has the best balance of generous trade-in values, seamless experience, and customer service you’ll find anywhere on the web.

Get a 28-day hold period and a 10% cash bonus (up to $30) from Decluttr for your trade-in with the code “9TO5MAC“. That’s on top of figures that are already over 40% higher than what Apple is offering.

MacBook Pro trade-in values

MacBook Air trade-in values

Apple trade-in values

Trade-in direct to Apple:

  • MacBook Pro – Up to $670 Apple Store credit
  • MacBook Air – Up to $460 Apple Store credit
Best MacBook trade-ins from Apple

Interestingly, the 2021 M1 Pro/Max MacBook Pro can have trade-in values ​​over $670, which Apple is promoting when you enter your serial number on Apple’s trade-in portal.

For example, my 2021 M1 Pro MacBook Pro shows a value of $795 at Apple, but it’s worth almost 40% more at $1,097 at Decluttr.

More options

Sites like eBay are another option if you’re okay with the extra work and potential risks, e.g. B. when a buyer is returning your MacBook and the process usually takes longer. You also need to consider whether you will be doing an auction or a buy it now sale and whether you want to set a reserve price and more. eBay also charges a listing fee and a final value fee that can be as high as 13%.

While Amazon offers trade-ins for iPads and other small electronics, it doesn’t offer trade-ins for MacBooks. The only way to sell your Mac on Amazon would be if you set up a seller account.

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