Azimut’s “Seadeck” hybrid motor yachts revel in open lounges and 40% fewer emissions

‘Seadeck’ yachts with 40% less CO2 emissions

For the first time, Azimut conceived a series of luxurious yachts Designed for families and the environment. The new Seadeck family is powered by hybrid engines that help to emissions by up to 40 percent. These engines are installed in all three stately watercraft of Azimut’s Seadeck models, the integration of Volvo’s hybrid propulsion and onboard systems to reduce energy consumption.

In terms of design, the yachts are lined with over 40 percent carbon fiber surface and the planning hull is the most efficient Azimut has built to date, thanks to state-of-the-art battery packs. Compared to a traditional flybridge boat of similar dimensions, the Seadeck family can achieve a 40 percent reduction in carbon emissions over a year of average use. Seadeck 6, the first of the three models in the Seadeck series, will be presented at Boot di Düsseldorf in 2024, with Seadeck 7 and Seadeck 8 to follow between 2024 and 2025.

Images courtesy of Azimut

Past his technological invention, azimuth follows the ethos of bringing passengers back to the corner of nature. The yacht company joins forces with designers Alberto Mancini and Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez to create expansive and coveted interior and exterior spaces. The family-friendly motor yachts open up to the sea with their unobstructed, exposed aft lounges that greet the sea.

Dubbed “Fun Island,” these areas onboard offer immersive views of the sea, enhancing the sense of unity between indoors and outdoors as the large windows and doors separating the two swing wide open. Sliding barriers eliminate any sense of suffocation between inside and outside, allowing passengers to enjoy the luxury to the fullest.

Sea Deck Azimuth
Sea deck 6 open plan lounge

Merging of indoor and outdoor spaces

Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez based their interior design concept for Azimut’s Seadeck series on the ‘conscious’ philosophy, the duo’s distinctive approach to their architectural projects. They work on the principles of subtraction to reveal the core of a yacht’s space, carving areas where families on board can easily “feel comfortable”. They touch luxury that focuses on well-being, using natural or recycled materials.

They substitute cork for teak to craft their imperial designs, squeezing generous spaces into the mix. “We prefer to talk about awareness rather than sustainability,” say Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez. “A philosophy that determines our way of doing architecture. We try to work through subtraction, because reducing means longevity, both technically and aesthetically. And a boat has to last and be beautiful forever.”

Sea Deck Azimuth
Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez and Alberto Mancini design the interior of the new series

Connecting the interior with the exterior has always been the desire of the design team. Even with the first sketches Alberto Mancini modulated the lines between the two spaces from erudite and dynamic to sinuous and essential, thus defining the infinite space of Fun Island.

“We wanted to create a boat that maximally emphasizes the concept of openness and transparency and that also represents a radical change in terms of relationship with nature.” he says. ‘With the introduction of the Fun Island, Seadeck is actually a floating island where owners can get away from it all and live in total contact with the sea.’

Sea Deck Azimuth
Sea deck 6 bedrooms

In its recent launches, Azimut has introduced technological innovations to reduce its environmental impact, as well as design solutions that eliminate barriers between inside and outside to restore closer contact with the sea and nature. Giovanna Vitelli, Chair of Azimut Benetti Group, says Seadeck is a new starting point for future generations of the company.

“We want to embark again on a path that will inspire the entire industry so that the theme of environmental protection – as is the case for Seadeck – is interpreted with a concrete approach, made of investments and technological research, and the courage to embrace a new lifestyle to introduce, who embraces the sea,’ She says.

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