Audible books are sometimes better gifts than physical books

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If I had read that headline three years ago, I would have laughed and moved on without a second thought. I’ve tried switching to digital books on many occasions but never found it E-Paper Records be as good as a physical book. Also, there are many very pretty hardcover books that look great on the shelf after reading them, and I love collecting them. But it’s really difficult to read a book while riding a bike, and it’s something I started doing a lot more when the world went under COVID-19 lockdowns. When I got tired of not having podcasts to listen to on my rides, I finally gave in and gave it a try audible.

I had no idea what an amazing experience I was missing out on. Since then, I’ve made it a habit to give away Audible subscriptions to fellow book lovers whenever I can.

Why It’s Great Gift: Audiobooks don’t take up space and you can take them with you wherever you have your phone or smartwatch. You get one book each month as part of your subscription and can easily add more as you need them, typically for less than a paperback would cost. And if you’re the kind of person who has an Alexa speaker or two in your house, you can easily switch from phone to home without losing your space. Personally, I like to listen to a book while cooking.

But the real feature here, the reason many Audible books are so great, is the production quality. When I listen to one Star Wars: The High Republic books I don’t just get someone to read the book to me through Audible. There’s a soundtrack that matches the tone of the scene, quickly shifting from soft, soothing tones to the intense sounds of battle you’re used to seeing in movies and TV shows. And in many cases, the books are read to match the scenes with multiple voices and sound effects.

Audible also has a collection of “Originals” that are included with your subscription and do not count against your monthly book allowance. i heard recently Room: 1969, a wild radio play-style sci-fi story about Kennedy surviving his assassination and building an American empire in space, starring Natasha Lyonne in part. I usually recommend it too fantastic country, a documentary-style story about employees at a major Florida theme park who are stranded at the park for weeks following a devastating hurricane. None of these stories would be the same on paper; You really need to experience them through Audible.

What you pay: Audible’s standard subscription is $15 a month for this one-book-a-month plan, and when you sign up for the first time, you get two book credits to get you started.

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