Apple says it will fight a possible ban on the Apple Watch – and history suggests it will succeed

Apple is currently embroiled in a lawsuit in the US against AliveCor over the Apple Watch’s ECG capabilities; a fight that could see some of the best smartwatches banned from being imported and sold in the country.

AliveCor alleges that Apple has infringed on its patents for heart-monitoring medical devices and that infringing products (like the Apple Watch 8) should not be sold in the United States after the United States’ International Trade Commission (ITC) ruled in their favor Front.

Additionally, President Biden recently decided not to veto the ITC’s decision (opens in new tab) – which would have given Apple an instant win. While these types of vetoes are rare, President Obama vetoed an import ban on iPhones and iPads after the ITC ruled that Apple had infringed on Samsung’s patents.

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