$1.2 million for a photo of a pigeon?

A picture might say more than a thousand words, but how do you convert that into money? If it is a photo of a pigeon that has been abused for years, a federal jury in Los Angeles decides on $ 1.2 million. That comes after a photographer sued a company for allegedly using his work without permission for more than a decade.

The company used the photographer’s work not only after breaking off an agreement with him. It even reportedly tried to label the photo as its own, apparently under the impression that it has perpetual rights to the image (if you’re a photographer, and if you check out our picks of the best cameras, you might want to see this one Copyright Guide for Creators).

A stock photo of a pigeon (Credit: Rachel Collings/EyeEm via Getty Images)

The dove at the center of the lawsuit was photographed by photographer Dennis Fugnetti’s MIAD Photography and Design in 1999 on behalf of a company called Bird B Gone, which bills itself as “the world’s leading manufacturer of professional bird control products.” The company wanted an image of a pigeon in flight to promote its brand and products, including spikes to discourage birds from perching where they are undesirable.

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